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5367 banknotes collected as at 15.07.2018

August Postings 2015

1st August 2015
North Korea - 5000 Won dated 2013. This note was issued to commemorate the 70th Year (Septuagennial) of the founding of the Workers Party of North Korea (WPNK). The Workers Party of North Korea was established during the founding congress meeting held on 28-30 August 1946 with congress elected Kim Tu-bong as the party first Chairman and Kim Il-sung as his deputy. This note has 7 zeros serial number but does not have the usual Korean Specimen words printed on it. Is this note real or it's just a home made piece? Were there any circulating notes issued?
Tags: North Korea: Commemorative;

2nd August 2015
Argentina - Three odds notes from Argentina of 5, 50 and 100 Pesos all dated 2012. I am not sure if all denominations were released for this year. The ideal way of collecting would be having them in a full set for any given year, but unfortunately this is not always the case as not all notes are issued in any given year.
Tag: Argentina 

4th August 2015
Madagascar - Four notes of Madagascar with denominations from 100 to 1000 Ariary. All notes have a year date of 2004. These are rather common notes which are easily obtainable. Needless to say, these are cheap notes too.
Tag: Madagascar

8th August 2015
Indonesia - This is a collector item of 4-Uncut sheet of 100,000 Rupiah issued following the released of the new series of banknotes. The theme for this series remains the same as previous issues ie National Heroes. This is the first note for the series. This uncut sheet was issued in a folder and it also comes with a Certificate of Authentication, confirming the serial numbers of the notes and also stated that this is a legal tender note. A total of 5,000 sets were issued at a price of 1,060,000 Rupiah each. In addition to this, it also released a 2-Uncut sheet, at a price of 530,000 Rupiah per set. This is the only one I have. Due to the length of the sheet, I can't scan the image in full. This is the best my scanner can do for me.
Tag: Indonesia

15th August 2015
Hungary -Two notes of 500 and 1000 Forint both dated 2011.
Tag: Hungary

22nd August 2015
Iraq - This is a complete set of 2003 Iraqi Dinars issued following the fall of the Saddam Hussein government on 9.4.2003. The set comprises of 7 notes with the new introduction of the 25,000 Dinars denomination. Whilst all notes have the year date of 2003, the 500 Dinars denomination has a difference signature from the rest of the notes. It is believed that this note was issued later. Since the released of these notes, no reprint for the 50 Dinars have been reported. This series has since been replaced by the 2013 series (introduced in September 2014).
Tag: Iraq

23rd August 2015
Hong Kong HongKong and Shanghai banking Corporation Ltd - Here are the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) $150 note of 3-Uncut sheet with AA and HK prefixes. I believe these are the only two prefixes issued for this variety as I have not seen one with AB prefix yet. The designs for this new note reflects the city's development over the years with street scenes from the 1950s and the changing cityscape of Hong Kong's world famous Victoria Harbour. The redevelopment of the bank's Head Office at 1 Queen's Road Central Hong Kong over the years. The note is printed with the watermark of a roaring lion "Stephen" on one side and the other lion "Stitt on the opposite side. Both Stephen and Stitt have been symbols of the bank for many generations in Hong Kong and many believed that by rubbing their paws of Stephen or Stitt would bring them good luck and good fortunes. These 3-Uncut sheets were sold for HK$1,380 each and due to overwhelming in demand, this issue was over subscribed by 21.6 times. These were first released to the public on the 9.6.2015. A total of 50 sets for these 3-Uncut sheets with special or nice serial numbers were also made available via a bidding process with starting bid of HK$13,000 each. I am not sure what so special about these, as the serial numbers offered were not that special or unique to me. There were no low serial numbers or solids offered. All serial numbers commenced with 8 and 9, with few repeat numbers (total 17) and one radar number. As the Uncut sheet is issued in a hard cover presentation folder, it also comes with a separate hard cover booklet detailing the note designs and a brief history of the bank in Hong Kong.
Tags: Hong Kong HSBC; Commemorative;

28 August 2015
North Korea - 5000 Won dated 2013. This note was issued to celebrate the late President Kim Il-sung's 100th Birthday (b15.04.1912). President Kim birth name was Kim Song-ju and died 08.07.1994, aged 82. Not sure when this note was meant to be issued, but given that Kim was born in 1912, the Centennial celebration should be 2012. Sometime one has to ask this question. Is this a genuine note? Whilst we all aware that the North Korean Won are worthless, is this note really circulation in the country?
Tags: North Korea; Commemorative:

29th August 2015
Singapore - A couple of updates here with the current series. These are the $50 printed with the symbols of two diamonds and a star on the back and both notes are signed by the current bank's chief, Tharma Shamnugaratran.
Tag: Singapore

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