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July Postings 2015

1st July 2015
Solomon Islands - This is the latest of the Solomon Islands new family of notes. This new $100 note was launched/introduced into circulations on 10.04.2015 in Honiara by the Central Bank Government Denton Rarawa. This is the highest and the second denomination for the new series following the first release of the $50 in September 2013. This new $100 uses strong images and bold colours to reflect the vibrancy of the nation. The main theme of the design is rural lives, depicting particularly the harvesting of coconut as a major source of income in rural areas. Like the current $50 note, this note is also printed with Optiks technology (Hybrid) security, by De La Rue, the traditional printer for Solomon Islands banknotes since 1916. Optiks is DLR super-wide windowed thread. This highly-secure embedded thread is currently the largest window and widest thread in circulation. When the note is viewed normally the image in the metallic thread is visible, and when the note is held up against the light the full thread can be seen. And also like the 2013 first issue, the first prefix for this new series is "A/1" with replacement note printed with "X/1". Here I have posted the note with A/1 000088. Going forward, we will expect the remaining denominations to be issued later, however I am not sure if this new series will also include the $2 as well. In my opinion, it is unlikely that the remaining of the series will be printed with the Optiks technology (Hybrid) security. Let's hope that I am wrong on this. 
Tags: Solomon Islands; Hybrid 

4th July 2015
Gambia - This is the first time in almost 20 years that the Central Bank of The Gambia has issued a new family of banknotes. On 2.3.2015, Gambia released a commemorative Polymer note of 20 Dalasis, commemorating the country 20 Years of Progress and Self-Reliance. Here, I have now posted the new series 2015 in full set. This series includes a new 20 Dalasis paper note replacing the previous 25 Dalasis denomination. Also for the first time, a new denomination of 200 Dalasis is also added to the series. The series of notes was launched on 26.02.2015 by the country President Yahya Jammeh at the State House. The redesigned banknotes bear the portrait of President Jammeh and are smaller in size than those previously issued.
Tag: Gambia

8th July 2015
Hong Kong - The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC)celebrating its 150th year in 2015 and released a legal tender banknote of $150 to mark this auspicious occasion. The bank first commenced trading in Hong Kong on 3 March 1865. The designs for this new note reflects the city's development over the years with street scenes from the 1950s and the changing cityscape of Victoria Harbour. Needless to say, this is a much better looking banknote than the 2009 Standard Chartered Bank $150 note (celebrating similar occasion). Two millions pieces were issued with 4 prefixes - HSBC, AA, AB and HK. The HSBC prefix note only comes with 4-digit number and it is believed that only 10,000 pieces bearing this prefix. The 2 million pieces comprises of 1.030 million single notes, 90,000 sets of 3-Uncut and 20,000 sets of 35-Uncut sheets. Issue price for the single notes were sold for HK$380; HK$1,380 for the 3-Uncut sheet and HK$23,880 for the 35-Uncut sheet. Special or unique serial numbers for all varieties were also available but these were sold via a bidding process with minimum starting bid; single note starting bid HK$8,888 (total 238 sets with prefixes of HSBC, AA and HK but no AB prefix); 3-Uncut sheets from HK$13,000 (total 50 sets - AA & HK prefixes) and 35-Uncut sheets from HK$68,888 (total 50 sets - AA & HK prefixes). As this is a commemorative note issued with a premium, it is unlikely that you will ever find any of the notes slipped into general circulation. This issue was only made available to Hong Kong residents and each applicant can apply up to 3 single notes plus one 3-Uncut and one 35-Uncut sheet ie a maximum of 5 sets. Application was opened between 5.3.2015 to 21.03.2015 with first delivery on 9.6.2015. This issue was well over subscribed by 4.4 times for the single note, 21.6 times for the 3-Uncut sheet and 64.8 times for the 35-Uncut sheet. Due to such an overwhelming demand, a ballot was held for final allocations to the lucky winners with the results announced on 14.04.2015. At the time of this posting, not all notes have been distributed/collectors by successful buyers yet. The next schedule dates for the collection are on 11-12 July 2015 and 17-18 July 2015. Net proceeds from this issue will be donated to charities such as the The HongKong Bank Foundation, The Community Chest of Hong Kong and other organisations. In today's Hong Kong, HSBC's banknotes have the highest circulations in the territory accounting for more than half the banknotes, followed by Bank of China and Standard Chartered Bank. In terms of assets, HSBC is ranked the second largest bank in the world, only behind the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC). Footnote: Despite some dealers/sellers claiming that the AB prefix is the replacement note, I do not believe this is correct. Traditionally, HSBC has ZZ as replacement note. However no such prefix has been reported or sighted so far. If there was any replacement prefix for this issue, it would have to be HSBC as only 10,000 pieces issued. Personally, I do not believe any replacement notes were printed but then this is just my opinion only. I believe this issue was printed by Hong Kong Note Printing Limited.
Tags: Hong Kong HSBC; Commemorative:

11th July 2015
Trinidad and Tobago - These are the latest issue of notes all bearing the Governor's signature of Jwala Rambarran. These notes were first reported in November 2013. The notes posted here are the denominations of $1, $5, $10, $20 and $100. The $10 was the last note to release into circulation. Also given the recent released of the $50 polymer commemorative, I am also wondering if the bank has also printed this denomination in paper either. The $50 denomination was only reintroduced back into circulation as normal, commemorative and polymer issues recently. This denomination was taken out of circulation in the 70s when a shipment of notes were stolen while on its way to Trinidad and Tobago. The designs for these notes are the same as previous issues signed by the previous Bank Governor Ewart S Williams except with some minor changes. The most noticeable changes are the horizontal bars and the numerical/denomination values are added to the top left and right corners on each notes. All notes are printed with "Series 2006" year date.
Tag: Trinidad and Tobago

12th July 2015
Malaysia - Here I have added two replacement notes for the 10 (ZD) and 20 Ringgit (ZC) to my collection. With the Muslim holy month of Ramadan celebrating on the 17.07.2015, many new notes would have been released in Malaysia to meet the demand. Happy Ramadan to all Muslim collectors out there.
Tags: 10 Ringgit; 20 Ringgit

18th July 2015
Russia -  A complete set of current Russian circulating notes. The notes posted here are the 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 5000 Rubles. These are the 1997 series and as such all printed with the year date of 1997. However not all notes were issued in 1997. The first 3 notes (10, 50 and 100 Rubles) were all issued in 2004 while the rest were issued in 2010. Like few other countries, mostly in the eastern Europe, Far East and South East Asia, banknotes issued in Russia are still without any signatures printed on the notes.
Tag: Russia

25th July 2015
Tonga - Here are three reprints of the 2009 series of 1, 2 and 5 Pa'anga. The designs are still the same, except that it has new signatures. The design on the reverse of the One Pa' anga note is my favourite. It is not sure if the rest of the series were also issued with these signatures.
Tag: Tonga

26th July 2015
Malaysia - A couple of Replacement notes of RM50 and RM100 ND2001 series. Nothing special about them as these are relatively common to many collectors in Malaysia. I have these two notes for quite a while now, and here there are.
Tags: Malaysia RM50 ZD Prefix; Malaysia RM100 ZE Prefix

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