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September Postings 2015

1st September 2015
Cambodia - Another Commemorative note issued to celebrate the country current King's 62nd Birthday. King Norodom Sihamoni was born on 14.5.1953 and this 10,000 Riels note was released on 15.5.2015. Unless this is Cambodian culture, it is unusual to commemorate a King's 62nd birthday. Like the countries of Thailand and The Philippines in South-east Asia, Cambodia seem to be introducing new notes with commemorative features. King Sihamoni is the eldest son of the late King Norodom Sihanouk. He was ascended to the Cambodian throne on 14.10.2004. Perhaps they should have issued a note last year to celebrate his 10th anniversary to the throne. A missed opportunity is our lost.
Tags: Cambodia; Commemorative;

5th September 2015
Transnistria - Here are the two commemorative notes of 1 and 10 Rubles, released on 28.04.2015 to celebrate the 70th Anniversary (Victory) of the end of the second world war 1939 - 1945. The design for these two notes are the same as previous issues but with commemorative logo printed on the watermark area on the right hand side of the notes. These two notes were issued with matching serial numbers. A total of 7,070 sets were released into circulation with 2,000 sets sold in folders commemorative. Transnistria is a disputed region in Moldova since the early 90s. Trans-Dniester Republican Bank is solely responsible for issuing currency in this disputed region. The Transnistrian Rubles are basically worthless outside it's own territory.
Tags: Transnistria; Commemorative;

8th September 2015
Bangladesh - This is a Commemorative note issued with overprint text on a 10 Taka value note (P32). This note was issued in 1996 celebrating the country's Victory Day Silver Jubilee. The celebration was referred to the country civil war fought between Bangladesh (then known as East Pakistan) and West Pakistan (now known as just Pakistan). Following the gaining of independence from the British on 14.08.1947, Pakistan was split into West and East Pakistan with India in between. Whilst Bangladesh fought a brief civil war with West Pakistan, Bangladesh achieved victory with the help of their neighbour, India, in 1971. The design for this commemorative was the same as previous issue (P26), except that the commemorative Bengali text (Victory Day Silver Jubilee '96) was added to the watermark area of the note.
Tags: Bangladesh; Commemorative;

12th September 2015
Venezuela - A complete set of the 2008 reprints all dated 19.12.2008. Whilst this is a full set, the denomination of 10 Bolivares was not printed/issued for this series. The 10 Bolivares denomination was part of the currency reform first issued in 2007, and the first reprint was printed with the date of 03.09.2009.
Tag: Venezuela

13th September 2015
North Korea - Here is the new North Korea Won series issued in 2014. This note is printed with a year date of 2013. The new series is printed without the portrait of the late President Kim Il-sung. Since the released of this new series, two varieties of this note have been issued with over prints as commemorative - 100th Birthday of the late President Kim Il-sung and the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the Workers Party of North Korea.
Tag: North Korea

19th September 2015
Thailand - This 100 Bahts note (ND2015) was issued to celebrate the Princes Maha Chakri Sirindhor's 5th Cycle birthday (60 years old, b. 2.4.1955). The princes is the second daughter and third child of King Bhumibol Adulyadej (King Rama lX) and Queen Sirikit Kitiyakon. To the Thais, she is commonly known as "Phra Thep", meaning Princes Angel.
Tags: Thailand; Commemorative;

21th September 2015
Singapore - A complete set of Commemorative Polymer notes of five $10 (dated 2015) and one $50 (ND2015). Singapore, aka the little red dot, celebrates it's Independence Silver Jubilee on the 9th of August 2015. The release of these commemorative notes was first announced on 13.04.2015 and were released to the public on 20.08.2015 by 9 commercial banks throughout the island. Singapore became a self-governing State following the general election in 1959 when the Peoples' Action Party (PAP) won a landslide victory. On 16.9.1963, Singapore, Malaya, Sarawak and Sabah (North Borneo) joined together and formed a new country called Malaysia. However due to differences between Singapore and Malaya, Singapore was expelled from Malaysia and became an independence nation on 9.8.1965. Some would argued that Singapore deliberately acted and behaved in such a manner that it purposely wanted to get expel from the Malaysia union. The reason for joining Malaysia in the first place was a strategic move to get full independent from the British and from there by breaking away from Malaysia to become a fully independence nation. None of the Singapore PAP representatives attended the debate when they got expelled from Malaysia. This can only indicated their original intending when joining Malaysia in the first place. This is the second time in the history of Singapore that a design of banknotes featuring the image of the late former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew (b.16.9.1923-23.3.2015). The first time was also on the $50 note which was issued in 1990 to celebrate the country's 25th independence. This new $50 note (quantity 20 million pieces) is printed in gold colour which represents the country's Golden Jubilee celebration. This note is printed with a year date of 1965. The five $10 notes (total 75 million pieces) all have common front design of the portrait of the first President Yusof bin Ishak (b.12.8.2010-23.11.1970) but with varying themes on the back - "regardless of race, language or religion", "Opportunity for All", "Safe and Secure", "Strong Families" and "Caring Community, Active Citizenry". As all notes are printed with the portrait of Yusof bin Ishak, the design of the portraits between the $10 and $50 notes are not the same. The new notes are also issued in a folder with all six notes, a total of 2.8 million folders, at no extra cost. These folders are sponsored by the 9 commercial banks that distributed the new notes to the public. This is indeed a good move to ensure the citizens of this country to get these notes in full set at no extra cost.
Tags: Singapore; Polymer; Commemorative;

23rd September 2015
Serbia - Here are the 4 Serbian notes all dated 2011. These are odd notes that I have from 10, 20, 50 and 200 Dinara.
Tags: Serbia;

25th September 2015
European Union Ireland - Here are 3 Ireland Euro banknotes - €5, €10 and €20, all reprints from the original issues. The 5 Euro is dated 2002 but released in 2008. This note has the signature of Jean-Claude Trichet who was then the Central Bank Governor of EU between 2003 to 2012. The 10 Euro is also dated 2002 but released in 2012. The Irish Euros are all printed by the Central Bank of Ireland with the exception of the €200, which the bank does not print. Therefore to get a full set of the Irish Euro, one will have to discount the €200 denomination. I am happy to say that I only have a full set of the Irish Euro first issue of €5, €10, €20, €50, €100 and €500 notes. This note bears the Governor's signature of Mario Dragh. And the third one is the 20 Euro and I believe this was released in 2010. This note also bear the signature of Jean-Claude Trichet. These notes are long over due for posting here.
Tags: 5 Euro; 10 Euro; 20 Euro;

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