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November Postings 2017

1st November 2017
EUROPEAN UNION - A complete set of the 50 Euro Hybrid note issued with year date 2017. In all, 
9 notes printed by 9 difference imprinters with first letter prefixes; E, M, P, R, S, U, V, W & Z.
View notes: European Union; Hybrid;

4th November 2017
TONGA - 20 Pa'anga. This is a commemorative note issued in 1989 commemorating the  inauguration of the National Reserve Bank of Tonga. This note is in VF condition and has a center fold on it. The design on this note is the same as those issued for general circulations except that it has commemorative text printed on the watermark area.
Vite note: Tonga; Commemorative;

10th November 2017
BRUNEI & SINGAPORE - 2017 50 Ringgit and 50 Dollars commemorating the 50th Years of Currency Interchangeability Agreement between the two countries. These are normal circulating notes in UNC condition;
View notes: Brunei/Singapore; Commemorative;

12th November 2017
HONG KONG - Complete 3 sets of banknotes issued by the 3 major commercial banks in Hong Kong with year dated 2013 - Bank of China; HongKong & Shanghai Banking Corporation and Standard Chartered Bank.
View notes; BoC; HSBC; SCB;

18th November 2017
AUSTRALIA - The is the 2nd denomination for the Next Generation of new polymer note. This note was released on 20.09.2017. As expected, the first and last prefixes are AA17 and EA17 respectively. Notes issued in bundles are quite often mixed with 2 or even more prefixes together. Unlike the previous $5 issue in 2016, this note was made available to everyone around the country on the first day of released. The next issue is expected to be next year, however rumour has it that instead of the $20 denomination, the Reserve Bank may issue the $50 first. This is due to the level of counterfeiting on the $50 denomination circulating in the economy. It has been reported in the past that the level of counterfeiting on Australia banknotes was quite low since the introduction of polymer notes in 1992.
View note: Australia;

19th November 2017
MADAGASCAR - A complete set of new series issued in 2017. This set was issued in two stages - July and September 2017. There are no year date printed on these notes.
View notes: Madagascar;

October Postings 2017

1st October 2017
SWITZERLAND - A new 20 Francs issued on 17.05.2017. As per the first release (50 Francs 2016), this note is also printed on hybrid material and also comes with 3-signature varieties. Here I have posted all 3 varieties.
View notes: Switzerland; Hybridnotes;

7th October 2017
SOLOMON ISLANDS - $50 ND2017 Hybrid. I have added this note to my previous $20 posting.
View notes: Solomon Islands; Hybridnotes:

8th October 2017
IRAQ - I have added two more notes to my previous post for the Iraq 2015 print. These two are also printed with Hybrid materials. It is believed that only 4 notes have printed with the year 2015. The other note is the 500 Dinars which also printed with Kurdish writing on the back. This note is unique to the others and I will be posting this note separately at a later date.
View notes: Iraq; Hybridnotes:

13th October 2017
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - A 20 Pesos Oro 1992, celebrating the 500th Anniversary of Christopher Columbus First Landing. I have added this note to my previous posting.
View notes; Dominican Republic; Commemorative;

15th October 2017
CAMBODIA - A couple of low value notes (100 and 500 Riels). Both notes are printed with the year date of 2014 but released for circulation in 2015.
View notes: Cambodia;

20th October 2017
MADAGASCAR - A set of 3 notes all reportedly issued in 2008 but without the year date printed on the notes. This three notes also printed with the currency value of Ariary only ie with the currency value of Francs, like those issued earlier.
View notes: Madagascar;

27th October 2017
INDONESIA - I have added a 5000 Rupiah note dated 2013 with difference signatures (s. Darmin Nasution/Ardhayadi).
View note: Indonesia;

28th October 2017
MALAYSIA - I have added a 10 Ringgit ND2011 ZF replacement note. In all, seven replacement prefixed issued from ZA to ZG. This ZF complete my collection for this replacement series.
View notes; Malaysia;

All notes posted here are from my own collection. I do not post borrowed scans unless otherwise stated.