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January Posts 2017

Happy New Year to all my visitors.

1st January 2017
MACAU - Year of the Rooster 10 Patacas issued by the Bank of China and Banco Nacional Ultramarino. These notes were issued in 2016 together with the Year of the Monkey notes. Happy Lunar New Year to you all out there!
View Notes: Macau BoC, Macau BNU, Commemorative BoC; Commemorative BNU;

6th January 2017
SCOTLAND CLYDESDALE BANK PLC - £5 Polymer 2016. This is the first of the 3 circulating polymer notes issued in Scotland 2016. This note has the same design as the Clydesdale Bank commemorative note issued in 2015.
View Notes: Clydesdale Bank; Polymernotes;

7th January 2017
SCOTLAND BANK OF SCOTLAND - £5 Polymer 2016. This is the first polymer note ever issued by the bank.
View Notes: Bank of Scotland; Polymernotes:

8th January 2017
SCOTLAND THE ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND - The last of the £5 issued in 2016 for general circulations.
View Notes: The Royal Bank of Scotland; Polymernotes:

13th January 2016
SEYCHELLES - 2013 Issues of two notes all bearing the governor signature of Caroline Abel.
View Notes: Seychelles;

19th January 2016
INDONESIA - Added 3 notes of 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000 (old design) rupiah all issued in 2001.
View Notes: Indonesia:

Note: Only managed to achieve 4,998 pieces of notes as at 31.12.2016. My target was 5,000 pieces. This target will be reached this month.
* including all uncut sheets (counted as 1 per sheet) but not all duplicates and spares.

December Postings 2016

1st December 2016
GREAT BRITAIN - Five Pounds 2015 (2016) new Polymer note first prefix AA01. A controversial note as it has now confirmed by Bank of England that the new $5 notes contain traces of animal fat in the form of tallow. Because of this, not many people are happy with this. Tallow fat is a rendered form of beef or mutton fat. The company that supplied the polymer materials for the Bank of England notes is Innovia Security, which is also the same company that supplies the same materials to all Australia polymer notes. In fact, Innovia Security provides polymer materials to 78 denominations in 24 countries. It is hard to please everyone, not even with money!
Tags: Great Britain; Polymer Note;

3rd December 2016
THAILAND - 50 baht 2004 Specimen commemorative - Thai Note Printing Works. Also included in this post are two other notes, one with normal prefix and the other replacement prefix all with the same signatures.
Tags: Thailand; Commemorative;

6th December 2016
SWEDEN - 100 and 500 Kronor. I have added these two notes to my previous post. Like those previously posted, these two notes are also printed with the prefix B. According to the central bank website, Letter A notes were printed in 2013 (50 and 200 Kronor). Letter B was printed in 2014 and Letter C in 2015. As this new series was first released in 2015, it is not sure if a full set was issued, however the 100 and 500 Kronor were not reported then until 2016. In October 2016, both the 100 and 500 Kronor were released but mostly with Letter C. It should be noted that signatures for Letter B and C are not the same. Here I have a complete set of the B series all with same signatures.
Tag: Sweden;

10th December 2016
NEW ZEALAND - Two notes of $10 and $20 both ND2013 polymer.
Tags: New Zealand; World Polymer Notes;

15th December 2016
PORTUGAL - 100 Escudos 1987 celebrating the country's 300th year of Paper Money.
Tags: Portugal; Commemorative:

23rd December 2016
ARGENTINA - 1 Peso 1952 Economic Independence Commemorative.
Tags: Argentina; Commemorative;

24th December 2016
INDONESIA - 2016 reprints full set. These are the last of the series which was first issued between 2001 to 2009. This series has since been replaced by a new Heroes Series (in full set) which was issued to the public for circulation on 19.12.2016.
Tag: Indonesia;

26th December 2016
INDONESIA - 10,000 Rupiah dated 1998 added.
Tag: Indonesia;

27th December 2016
GUINEA - Added 100 Francs to my previous posting of 2015 issues.
Tag: Guinea;

31st December 2016
INDONESIA - I have added the 1000 Rupiah 2002 print to my previous post. I am still missing the 5000 Rupiah for this series.
Tag: Indonesia;

Stock Take - My collection has now reached a record of 4,995 pieces (as at 30.11.2016) excluding duplicates or extras. However based on my expectation, it is unlikely that I will hit my target of 5,000 pieces by 31.12.2016. The best I can achieve is 4,999 pieces. So close and yet so far away . . . . .

30.11.2016 = 4,995 pieces
15.12.2016 = 4,998 pieces
31.12.2016 = 4,998 pieces