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this site follows the time zone of Kirimati (previously known as Christmas Island), Kiribati, the first to see the rising sun.

5367 banknotes collected as at 15.07.2018

Something about myself:- I have been collecting banknotes (also at one time including postage stamps, FDCs, coins etc) for many years now. However, my banknotes collection didn’t pick up until the early-90s and also later the convenience of Internet that really escalated my collections. Apart from this, I am also interested in photography too, but only at amateur level. In term of my photography hobby, I have a Yashica TLR 635 (almost in mint condition), two Nikon SLRs and three digital cameras.

October Postings 2018

1st October 2018
MAURITANIA - A complete set 5 polymer notes of a new series from 50 to 1000 Ouguiya. The first 4 notes were introduced on 01.01.2018, whilst the 1000 Ouguiya was released in early may 2018.

6th October 2018
MACAU BANCO NACIONAL ULTRAMARINO - This is the seventh commemorative note of the Chinese Zodiac series celebrating the Year of the Dog (16.02.2018 to 04.02.2019). Are you a dog, woof! woof!! woof!!!

7th October 2018
MACAU BANK OF CHINA - And is is for the Bank of China Dog Commemorative 10 patacas note.

This picture was recently taken by my 2002 4MP digital camera (point and shoot type). This was my first digital camera. This picture has not been edited in any shape or form. I do not believe in editing or do any alterations to all my photos, except converting it to black and white as this digital camera that I have does not come with that option (very disappointed). If I try to do that to make my photos look nicer, then that is cheating. The background came from a black gardening pot and this picture was taken outside the house when this dandelion plant was still growing on the lawn. Of course this weed is no longer there.   

September Postings 2018

1st September 2018
THAILAND - New series 2018 issues. I have posted a completed set of 5 notes all issued in 2018. As these notes were issued in two stages celebrating the Chakri Memorial Day (06.04.2018) and the current King's birthday (28.07.2018), I have also listed them as commemorative issues as well.
View notes: Thailand; Commemorative;

2nd September 2018
MALAYSIA - Complete set of notes all bearing the previous Bank Governor Muhammad bin Ibrahim, who resigned from the role on 06.06.2018. There are still few missing pieces for the replacement notes.
View notes: Malaysia; Polymernotes (RM1 and RM5);

14th September 2018
CHINA - 1980 4-in-one uncut sheets of one, two, five jiao (1 jiao = 10 fen/cents), 1, 2, 5 and 10 yuan.
View notes: China;

15th September 2018
TRANSDNIESTRIA/TRANSNISTRIA - 100th Anniversary of KGB/State Security Commission and State Police / Militsiya Commemorative 1917-2017.
View notes: Transdniestria; Commemorative;

21st September 2018
NAMIBIA - An odd note of $20 issued in 2002.
View note: Namibia

22nd September 2018
ZAMBIA - One of note of 50 Kwacha issued in 2006.
View note: Zambia

27th September 2018
NICARAGUA - Odd note of 100 Cordobas dated 2007.
View note: Nicaragua;

28th September 2018
BURMA - Some odd notes issued during the Japanese occupation between 1942 to 1945. These are cheap notes mass produced by the Japanese Imperial Army when occupying Burma during the last great war.
Vies notes: Burma;

I have now added the images of the Malaysia 2017 600 Ringgit Hybrid commemorative note celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Signing of the Federation of Malaya Independence Agreement. As the note is larger than the A4 size, I have uploaded the pictures (front and back) taken by my digital camera. I have 3 pieces with serial numbers MRR 0002476, MRR 0002447 and MRR 0003433. In any collectors out there have the 60 ringgit matching any of my 600 ringgit I have, please feel free to contact me as I will be interested to buy that from you.