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December Postings 2016

1st December 2016
GREAT BRITAIN - Five Pounds 2015 (2016) new Polymer note first prefix AA01. A controversial note as it has now confirmed by Bank of England that the new $5 notes contain traces of animal fat in the form of tallow. Because of this, not many people are happy with this. Tallow fat is a rendered form of beef or mutton fat. The company that supplied the polymer materials for the Bank of England notes is Innovia Security, which is also the same company that supplies the same materials to all Australia polymer notes. In fact, Innovia Security provides polymer materials to 78 denominations in 24 countries. It is hard to please everyone, not even with money!
Tags: Great Britain; Polymer Note;

3rd December 2016
THAILAND - 50 baht 2004 Specimen commemorative - Thai Note Printing Works. Also included in this post are two other notes, one with normal prefix and the other replacement prefix all with the same signatures.
Tags: Thailand; Commemorative;

Stock Take - My collection has now reached a record of 4,995 pieces (as at 30.11.2016) excluding duplicates or extras. However based on my expectation, it is unlikely that I will hit my target of 5,000 pieces by 31.12.2016. The best I can achieve is 4,999 pieces. So close and yet so far away . . . . .

30.11.2016 = 4,995 pieces

November Postings 2016

1st November 2016
LESOTHO - 200 Maloti 2015 Hybrid note
Tags: Lesotho; Hybrid;

5th November 2016
SURINAME - 2012 Central bank 55th Year Anniversary commemorative.
Tags: Suriname; Commemorative;

10th November 2016
ARMENIA - 50000 Dram 2001 Commemorative.
Tags: Armenia; Commemorative;

11th November 2016
JAPAN - 1000 Yen ND2004. This is the second (or third) print with brown serial number. Got this note (5 pieces) from a local money changer all in UNC condition.
Tag: Japan;

15th November 2016
UKRAINE - 20 Hryrnia 2016 Commemorative, celebrate the 160th birth of Ivan Yakovych Franko.
Tags: Ukraine; Commemorative;

19th November 2016 (Happy Birthday Kitty)
PAPUA NEW GUINEA - 20 Kina Polymer Specimen ND2014.
Tags: Papua New Guinea; Polymer Notes;

20th November 2016
SINGAPORE - Update of notes bearing the signature of Tharma Shanmugaratnam of $50 and 2 x $1000 (both circulated);
Tag: Singapore;

25th November 2016
MALAYSIA - RM50 nd2016. This is the first note issued with the new bank governor Muhammad Ibrahim. This is the first note bearing his signature. It is believed that LS is the first prefix of this issue. I believe more notes with his signature will be releasing in the next few months, hopefully in early January or even before.
Tag: Malaysia;