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April Postings 2018

1st April, 2018 (April Fools day!)
SRI LANKA - 1000 Rupees issued in 2018 celebrating the country's 70th Anniversary of Independence 1948-2018.
View note: Sri Lanka; Commemorative;

6th April 2018
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - A 500 Pesos Dominicanos celebrating the country's Central Bank 70th Anniversary.
View note: Dominican Republic; Commemorative;

8th April 2018
HUNGARY - A set of 3 notes all printed with the year date of 2016. It is not sure if more are printed. The three notes are 2000, 5000 and 20000 Forint.
View notes: Hungary:

13th April 2018
CHINA - 1 Diao Yishunde Bank Private Issue 1927 in Jilin.
View note: China;

20th April 2018
PAPUA NEW GUINEA - 5 Kina ND 2016 Polymer, resized note.
View note: Papua New Guinea; Polymer;

21st April 2018
GEORGIA - I have added the 5 Lari issued in 2017 to the current 2016 series. This 5 Lari banknote is the fourth note in the new series of banknotes first issued in 2016. In 2016, 3 new notes were issued with denominations of 20, 50 and 100 Lari.
View note: Georgia.

Footnote: Bangladesh 70 Taka Commemorative 2018 - the issue price for the this new note with presentation folder is 200 Taka each (or approximately US$2.45+/-). Quantity issued is unknown to me. I like to provide such info to collectors so that you can make your own decision how much you want to pay for it should you want to get one.

March Postings 2018

1st March 2018
MAURITANIA - Two Hybrid notes of 200 and 500 Ouguiya both dated 2013. Unlike previous issues, each note is printed with three Arabic Indic numeral on the from in vertical format, just to the right of the security thread.
View notes: Mauritania; Hybrid;

4th March 2018
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - A commemorative note of 100 Pesos Oro issued in 2002 celebrating the country's central bank 55th year anniversary 1947-2002. Here I have posted the circulating note as well as the specimen note too.
View notes: Dominican Republic: Commemorative:

10th March 2018
MALDIVES - 5 Rufiyaa issued in 2017. This denomination was originally replaced by a coin. However due to popular demand, the authority decided to issue a polymer note instead. Here, I have uploaded the normal and replacement notes for this issue.
View note: Maldives; Polymernotes;

17th March 2018
NORTH KOREA - 5000 Won Kim Jong-Suk 2017 Commemorative specimen but without the normal Korean words "견본" printed on the note. Kim Jong-Suk was the first wife of the late North Korean leader, Kim Il-Sung.
View note: North Korea; Commemorative;

24th March 2018
UKRAINE - 100 Karbovantsiv souvenir note. This note has no legal tender value. It was issued to celebrate 100 years anniversary event of the Ukrainian Revolution 08.11.1917-17.11.1921 and the first Ukrainian banknote.
View note: Ukraine; Commemorative;

25th March 2018
AUSTRALIA - 1988 Bicentenary Coins and Banknotes Portfolio Album ;
View notes; - Australia; Oceania;

30th March 2018 (Good Friday)
FIJI - Odd note of $20 ND1980 (P80) with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth the Second. Note is not in UNC condition, unfortunately.
View note: Fiji;

31st April 2018
JAMAICA - $50 Hybrid note reprint of 2015 and 2017.
View notes: Jamaica; Hybrid;

Footnote: If you are looking for current Australia $5 (ND2016) and $10 (ND2018) polymer notes in UNC condition, please feel free to contact me, detail as listed.