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this site follows the time zone of Kirimati (previously known as Christmas Island), Kiribati, the first to see the rising sun.

5420 banknotes collected as at 25.12.2018

Something about myself:-
I have been collecting banknotes (also at one time including postage stamps, FDCs, coins etc) for many years now. However, my banknotes collection didn’t pick up until the early-90s and also later the convenience of Internet that really escalated my collections. Apart from this, I am also interested in photography too, but only at amateur level. In term of my photography hobby, I have a Yashica TLR 635 (almost in mint condition), a Yashica Mat 124G, two Nikon SLRs and three digital cameras.

Postings 2019



16th October 2019
INDONESIA - A full set of 2016 2-in-1 uncut sheets. These notes were issued individually in a folder together with a certificate. 

12th October 2019
العراق IRAQ - One odd note of 1000 dinars with replacement prefix. This note is dated 2013.

9th October 2019
TONGA - An odd note of T$10. This series comprises of four notes, 1, 2, 5 and 10 Pa'anga, circulating between 1992 to 1995. This series was first issued under the banner of National Reserve Bank of Tonga (NRBT). NRBT was established on 01.07.1989. Prior to this, all banknotes were issued under the name of Government of Tonga. I only have this $10 note in my collection.

8th October 2019
MAURITIUS/MAURICE - 2000 rupees polymer dated 2018. This is a new issue replacing those previously printed on paper material.

1st October 2019
VANUATU - 500 and 5000 Vatu 2-in-1 uncut sheet polymer notes both issued in 2017.


27th September 2019
SOLOMON ISLANDS - $5 2019 polymer issue. I have also listed this as a commemorative as it was issued to celebrate the UN World Tuna Day.

 25th September 2019
TRANSNISTRIA - One ruble x 2 commemorative 1919-2019 Defender Day. Are these official issues or simply just another "home made". The high serial numbers range could be a give away.

18th September 2019
TRANSNISTRIA - One ruble overprint commemorative, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the end of Nazi Germany occupation - 1944-2019.

7th September 2019
ប្រទេសកម្ពុជា។ / CAMBODIA - Two notes of one and five thousand riels dated 2016 and 2015 respectively. Some reported these two as commemorative issues, celebrating the King's coronation anniversary. I do not believe they are.

1st September 2019
SAMOA - T$10 XVI Pacific Games 2019 polymer commemorative note with PG and replacement ZZ prefixes.


31th August 2019
MAURITIUS/MAURICE - Two notes of reprints, 100 (paper) and 500 (polymer) rupees dated 2017.

25th August 2049
ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS/UNITED MEXICAN STATES - One odd note of 500 pesos, dated 2017.

24th August 2019
PAPUA NEW GUINEA - A 100 Kina polymer note, issued to commemorate 2018 APEC meeting in Port Moresby.

17th August 2019
TRANSNISTRIA - another one ruble 2007 print with an overprint commemorative logo added to celebrate victory day against Nazi Germany in 1945.

10th August 2019
TRANSNISTRIA - one ruble 2007 print with an overprint commemorative logo added to celebrate the 30th Year of the Soviet Union withdrawal from Afghanistan 1989-2019.

4th August 2019
ESWATINI/SWAZILAND - Three notes of Hybrid notes, 20. 100 and 200 Emalangeni all printed with the year date of 2017. 

1st August 2019
PAPUA NIU GINI/PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Two polymer notes of 2 and 50 Kina both dated (ND) 2017.


21th July 2018
الإمارات العربية المتحدة UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - This is the third print of the 500 Dirhams Hybrid note with the date of 2017. The first Hybrid note for the 500 Dirhams was issued with the year date of 2011.

20th July 2019
북한NORTH KOREA - I have added these two commemorative notes of 200 and 500 won to my previous posting. These notes were issued to celebrate the country's 70th year of independence. I am not sure if there are other denominations printed with the same commemorative texts. Perhaps time will tell.

13th July 2019
RWANDA - 500 Francs with the portrait of President Juvenal Habyarimana (1937-1994).

7th July 2019
Україна/UKRAINE - This is the second non circulation commemorative note issued to celebrate 100th anniversary of the Unitarian Revolution 1917-1921 and the introduction of the first Ukrainian paper currency. This note was released on 17.10.2018. A total of 100,000 issued with 50,000 sold in a souvenir pack.

1st July 2019
AUSTRALIA - This is the last print for the first $50 polymer issue. The first $50 polymer note was issued in 1995.


25 June 2019
NORTHERN IRELAND DANSKE BANK -  £10 polymer note issued on 27.02.2019.

23 June 2019
NORTHERN IRELAND ULSTER BANK - These are the two £5 and £10 polymer notes issued by Ulster Bank on 27.02.2019.

22 June 2019
NORTHERN IRELAND BANK OF IRELAND - New polymer series of £5 and £10 both issued on 27.02.2019.

14th Jun 2019
香港HONG KONG - Hong Kong Bank of China 2017 $100 Centenary commemorative issue, 3-in-1 uncut sheets x 2 with and without prefixes.

10th June 2019
BRUNEI - I have added the 50 Ringgit 2015 Currency Interchangeability Agreement note with E/2 prefix to the previous post.

9th June 2019
BRUNEI - I have added the Brunei $100 polymer printed dated 2013

8th June 2019
CESKA REPUBLIKA/CZECH RE{UBLIC - 100 Koruna x 2 commemorative, celebrating 100th year of national currency.

1st June 2019
ROMANIA - 100 Leu 100th Year of Great Union Commemorative 1918-2018 Polymer.

15th May 2019
يبيا Libya - This is a 1 dinar commemorative polymer note issued on 18.02.2019 celebrating the 8th Anniversary of the First Libyan Civil War 2011-2019.

10th May 2019
AUSTRALIA - As news reported yesterday, I have updated a scan showing the error print on the micro texts. The word RESPONSIBILITY is missing the 3rd "I". This word is printed 3 times, on lines 2, 8 and 20. All notes are printed with the same error. There will be a new reprint this year which will correct these errors. No big deal if you have one in your collection!!

8th May 2019
中国China - 50 yuan commemorative note dated 2018, celebrating the 70th year of issuance of banknotes by the People's Bank of China.

4th May 2019
GIBRALTAR - A 10 shillings 1934 replica issued in 2018 for promoting 2018 World Tourism in Gibraltar. As the purpose for this note is for a specific purpose, other than for normal circulation, I have also listed this under the Commemorative site too. This note was worth 50 pence in Gibraltar in 2018.

1st May 2019
ALBA/SCOTLAND BANK OF SCOTLAND - a £50 bridge series third reprint dated 2016.


24 April 2019
SINGAPORE - Update date of few more notes with symbols such as ▼, ◆, ★★, ★★★ etc, for both polymer and paper notes.

19th April 2019
中国CHINA - Another 100 yuan dated 2005 with letter/numeral/letter prefix, just like the one posted below on 14.04.2019. Happy Easter to all my visitors.

14th April 2019
中国CHINA - 100 yuan dated 2015 with prefix format of letter/numeral/letter thus reducing the serial number from 8 digits to 7.

12th April 2019
ประเทศไทย/THAILAND - Three reprints of the Thailand's Chakri Dynasty 17 series of notes first issued on 06.04.2018. These notes have minor alteration (counterfeiting warning) to the design as compared to those first issued in April 2018. The authority must be not too happy with those issued earlier. The notes posted here are the 20, 50 and 100 Baht.

7th April 2019
NORGE/NORWAY - The Sea series with 50 and 500 kroner issued in October 2018. The last note of this new series will be the 1000 kroner which will be issued in late 2019.

6th April 2019
NORTHERN IRELAND ULSTER BANK - £10 and £20 both dated 2017 reprints. These are most probably the last reprint of the paper banknotes series for these two notes.

5th April 2019
CANADA/KANADA - Viola Irene Desmond new $10 polymer note. This is a new series with the rest to be issued at a later date.

1st April 2019
Аҧсны Аҳәынҭқарра/ABKHAZIA - 500 Apsar commemorative note. This is the first banknote issued by Abkhazia. If you have this note then your collection of Abkhazia banknote is complete.


31st March 2019
تونس/TUNISIA - A 20 dinars note issued on 21.12.2017 honouring the late Tunisian trade unionist Farhat Hached (1914-1952), who was assassinated by the French Secret Agents in 1952. He was 38 years old.

30th March 2019
NORTHERN IRELAND BANK OF IRELAND - £10 reprint dated 01.01.2017. This is mostly likely the last paper note printed for this bank.

6th March 2019

3rd March 2019
ՀայաստանARMENIA - A complete set of 6 Hybrid notes issued on 22/11/2018 and 25/12/2018. This is the third series of Armenian banknotes since regaining its independence in 1991. This series also commemorates 25th anniversary of National Currency 1993-2018.

1st March 2019
TRANSNISTRIA - One Ruble commemorative note, celebrating 100th Year of the Border Troops.

24th February 2019
འབྲུག་ཡུལ་BHUTAN - 1000 Ngultrum printed with the year date of 2016. This is a normal circulating note.

23rd February 2019
BERMUDA - $2 ND2018. This is the second reprint of the series first issued in 2009. This note is printed on Hybrid material.

17th February 2019
북한NORTH KOREA - A set of 2 notes (1000 and 2000 Won) commemorating the 70th Year of Anniversary of Independence.

14th February 2019
SOUTH AFRICA - A complete set of 5 notes issued on 18/07/2018 celebrating the birth centennial of Nelson Mandela. The first two notes of 10 and 20 Rand are printed on Hybrid material. This is the first time that the South Africa Reserve Bank has issued commemorative banknotes.

8th February 2019
SWITZERLAND - 200 Francs 2018 Hybrid issue.

4th February 2019
澳門MACAO - Bank of China (Banco da China), 10 Patacas Year of the Pig Chinese New Year celebration. We have seen many postage stamps and coins issued around the world celebrating the annual Chinese New Year but only Macao has ever issued banknotes to celebrate this festivity annually since 2012. I have also posted this as commemorative note as well. Oink, Oink, Oink everyone. Have a great PIG year, 05/02/2019!!

1st February 2019
澳門MACAU - 10 Patacas, Banco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU) 2019 Year of the Pig Lunar New Year Commemorative.


19th January 2019
الجمهورية الإسلامية الموريتانية / MAURITANIA - 100 Ouguiya Hybrid note dated 2015. This is a reprint of the 2011 issue.

12th January 2019
PAPUA NEW GUINEA - 2 Kina ND1975. First 2 Kina note issued by the Bank of Papua New Kina since the country gained independence from Australia. This note, together with all other paper banknotes are no longer legal tender since 30/06/2013.

10th January 2019
ALBA / SCOTLAND - BANK OF SCOTLAND - a 2016 Polymer £10 note with special prefix XX.

5th January 2019
BAILIWICK OF GUERNSEY - £20 Commemorative note remembering 100th year of the end of World War One (1914-1918). This note has a low serial no of 85.

2nd January 2019
MALAYSIA - 60 Ringgit 3-in-1 uncut Hybrid commemorative note issued in January 2018. In my opinion, this note is harder to get than the 600 Ringgit commemorative note.

1st January 2019
VANUATU - A complete set of hand signed polymer notes (6 notes) from 200 to 10000 Vatu issued between 2010 to 2017, all with low matching serial numbers. You are most welcome to share your comments here if you too have a full set as I am keen to know what number(s) do you have in your collection. Please do tell if you are missing any particular no(s) to complete your set too as you will never know someone out there might be able to help!

happy 2019 new year
This is my 10th year since switching from the geocities.com free site to the blogspot website. Times really fly when you are having fun.

December Postings 2018

wishing all my friends and visitors a merry christmas;
a very happy new year 2019

1st December 2018
AUSTRALIA - $50 Next Gen series. This is the third issue since 2016.

5th December 2018
SOLOMON ISLANDS - $40 polymer commemorative note celebrating the nation's 40th Independence.

8th December 2018
SOUTH SUDAN - 500 pounds dated 2018.

11th December 2018
Welcome my latest visitor from the Christmas Island, Australia. Not sure if the visitor was a resident from the island or just a visitor and had nothing interesting to do on the very small and remote island. Anyway, you have made my 208th flag count! Thank you. There are 194 independent countries and more than 40 territories administered by other countries. I am still a long way to go. The largest country is Russia and the smallest is the Vatican City Church State (0.44 sq kilometers). China has the largest population (1.4B) and there are only approximately 50+/- people living in Pitcairn.

13th December 2018
CANADA - A complete set of the Frontier polymer Series all signed by Carolyn A Wilkins and Stephen S Poloz, CBN prints update.

14th December 2018
SYRIA - 3 ordinary notes all dated 2009.

16th December 2018
SOLOMON ISLANDS - ND2017 $5 with replacement prefix X/1.

18th December 2018
HUNGARY - Two notes printed with 2017 year date. Missing is the 5000 Forint note.

22nd December 2018
MAURITANIA - Two notes both dated 2011 posted.

November Postings 2018

1st November 2018
URUGUAY - 50 Pesos Commemorative, celebrating the country's central bank 50th Anniversary. This note is printed on polymer material and 10 million pieces issued.

11th November 2018
BRUNEI - I have added the BR1 polymer note printed with the year date of 2016 to my previous post.

16th November 2018
POLAND - 20 Zloty Commemorative, celebrating the country 100th Year of Independence.

17th November 2018
CANADA - Some updates on those previous issues; $5 CBN 2010; $10 BABN 2009; $20 BABN 2011; and $50 BABN 2011. These are all the last prints before the release of it's first polymer series. I must say that I was not aware that they are two printers for printing the Canadian banknotes until few years ago.

18th November 2018
CANADA - Forgot to add this $5 CBN 2011 print signed by Tiff Macklem and Mark Carney.

24th November 2018
MAURITIUS - 500 Rupees polymer note dated 2016 reprint with PZ replacement prefix.

Good thingy never last long. If you don't see any updates, it means that I am getting sick of this hobby. I am now slowly moving back to amateur photography, taking pictures with my second-hand 1984 Japanese made, Yashica Mat 124G Twin Lens Reflect, just like the good old time to those people who knows what I am talking about. If you share the same interest, feel free to drop me a message for a chat.

My name is Cooper. I am two years old. I am a German Dachshund dog, and you can called me Mini Cooper!
 Details of photo
Camera - Yashica Mat 124G TLR
f8 : 1/500 second
(ps the picture is lopsided. I really need a bubble level here)

October Postings 2018

1st October 2018
MAURITANIA - A complete set 5 polymer notes of a new series from 50 to 1000 Ouguiya. The first 4 notes were introduced on 01.01.2018, whilst the 1000 Ouguiya was released in early may 2018.

6th October 2018
MACAU BANCO NACIONAL ULTRAMARINO - This is the seventh commemorative note of the Chinese Zodiac series celebrating the Year of the Dog (16.02.2018 to 04.02.2019). Are you a dog, woof! woof!! woof!!!

7th October 2018
MACAU BANK OF CHINA - And is is for the Bank of China Dog Commemorative 10 patacas note.

26th October 2018
NORTHERN IRELAND ULSTER BANK - 20 pounds dated 01.01.2015

27th October 2018
ARGENTINA - 100 Peso ND2016. The is a reprint of the original Eva Peron commemorative that was first issued in 2012. This note is printed with AA series.

This picture was recently taken by my 2002 4MP digital camera (point and shoot type). This was my first digital camera. This picture has not been edited in any shape or form. I do not believe in editing or do any alterations to all my photos, except converting it to black and white as this digital camera that I have does not come with that option (very disappointed). If I try to do that to make my photos look nicer, then that is cheating. The background came from a black gardening pot and this picture was taken outside the house when this dandelion plant was still growing on the lawn. Of course this weed is no longer there.