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this site follows the time zone of Kirimati (previously known as Christmas Island), Kiribati, the first to see the rising sun.

5367 banknotes collected as at 15.07.2018

Something about myself:- I have been collecting banknotes (also at one time including postage stamps, FDCs, coins etc) for many years now. However, my banknotes collection didn’t pick up until the early-90s and also later the convenience of Internet that really escalated my collections. Apart from this, I am also interested in photography too, but only at amateur level. In term of my photography hobby, I have a Yashica TLR 635 (almost in mint condition), two Nikon SLRs and three digital cameras.

December Postings 2018

wishing all my visitors a merry christmas and a very happy new year 2019

1st December 2018
AUSTRALIA - $50 Next Gen series. This is the third issue since 2016.

5th December 2018
SOLOMON ISLANDS - $40 polymer commemorative note celebrating the nation's 40th Independence.

8th December 2018
SOUTH SUDAN - 500 pounds dated 2018.

November Postings 2018

1st November 2018
URUGUAY - 50 Pesos Commemorative, celebrating the country's central bank 50th Anniversary. This note is printed on polymer material and 10 million pieces issued.

11th November 2018
BRUNEI - I have added the BR1 polymer note printed with the year date of 2016 to my previous post.

16th November 2018
POLAND - 20 Zloty Commemorative, celebrating the country 100th Year of Independence.

17th November 2018
CANADA - Some updates on those previous issues; $5 CBN 2010; $10 BABN 2009; $20 BABN 2011; and $50 BABN 2011. These are all the last prints before the release of it's first polymer series. I must say that I was not aware that they are two printers for printing the Canadian banknotes until few years ago.

18th November 2018
CANADA - Forgot to add this $5 CBN 2011 print signed by Tiff Macklem and Mark Carney.

24th November 2018
MAURITIUS - 500 Rupees polymer note dated 2016 reprint with PZ replacement prefix.

Good thingy never last long. If you don't see any updates, it means that I am getting sick of this hobby. I am now slowly moving back to amateur photography, taking pictures with my second-hand 1984 Japanese made, Yashica Mat 124G Twin Lens Reflect, just like the good old time to those people who knows what I am talking about. If you share the same interest, feel free to drop me a message for a chat.

My name is Cooper. I am two years old. I am a German Dachshund dog, and you can called me Mini Cooper!
 Details of photo
Camera - Yashica Mat 124G TLR
f8 : 1/500 second
(ps the picture is lopsided. I really need a bubble level here)