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February Postings 2018

1st February 2018
SOLOMON ISLANDS - $10 and $50 new series with the signatures of Governor Denton Hehenoro Rarawa and the Secretary Minister of Finance Harry Kuma. The $10 is a new issue with new designs as part of the 2013 new series and was issued on 29.11.2017, whilst the $50 Hybrid note is a reprint with current signatures. I am not sure when the $50 was issued as Harry Kuna was appointed to the Secretary Minister of Finance since 06.05.2015. This note could be issued either in 2016 or 2017. The $50 note uploaded here is the replacement prefix of X/1 and I have also uploaded the $10 with A/1 and X/1 replacement note too. I am glad to say that I have all the first and replacement notes for this new 2013 series for all denominations, including the $50 reprints.
View notes: Solomon Islands; Hybridnotes ($50 note only);

10th February 2018
STRAITS SETTLEMENT - One dollar P1c dated 1924 in good condition;
View note: Straits Settlements;

11th February 2018
POLAND - 3 notes all printed with the year date of 2016 - 10, 20 and 500 Zloty.
View notes: Poland;

15th February 2018
KYRGYZSTAN - Two thousand som issued on 17.11.2017 celebrating the country's 25th Independence and Currency;
View note: Kyrgyzstan; Commemorative;

17th February 2018
TRANSNISTRIA - 2017 Great October Socialist Revolution 100th Year Anniversary of 2 notes, one and 5 rubles with matching serial numbers.
View notes: Transnistria; Commemorative;

Never handle your banknotes with a bare hand. Always use a stamp tong or tweezers especially for paper banknotes. This is to avoid damaging the banknotes or getting your unwanted skin oils or dirt onto the notes.The tip of the tweezers should be smooth and flat. These tweezers are cheap and can be purchased from all stamps dealers.

January Posts 2018


1st January 2018
SOUTH KOREA - First commemorative banknote of 2000 Won issued by the Bank of Korea celebrating the 2018 XXIII Winter Olympic Games in South Korea.
View notes: South Korea; Commemorative;

6th January 2018
POLAND - A 20 Zloty Commemorative note issued on 21.08.2017 celebrating the 300th Year of the Coronation of the Mother of God's Image in Jasna Gova.
View note: Poland; Commemorative;

13th January 2018
ARMENIA - 2017 Noah's Ark commemorative note of 500 Dram issued in an informative folder.
View note: Armenia; Commemorative; Hybridnote;

14th January 2018
NEPAL - A full set of notes issued in 2012. The 1000 Rupees was note issued for this series.
View notes: Nepal;

19th January 2018
MALAYSIA -Two notes commemorating the 60th Year of Signing of the Federation of Malaya Independence Agreement. The denominations of the notes are RM60 and RM600. In addition to this, a RM60 3-in-1 uncut sheet is also included in this issue. I do not have these notes yet as they are schedule to release from 25.01.2018. However, I thought I posted this here now as I personally find the story behind this may be interested to some collectors. I will update the site with the scans of the actual notes as and when I get them. I am hoping to get all 3 issues. These commemorative notes are printed on hybrid materials.
View notes: Malaysia; Commemorative; Hybrid;

21st January 2018
CUBA - One Peso 2003 Jose Marti 150th Anniversary of Birth Commemorative.
View note: Cuba; Commemorative;

26th January 2018
HONG KONG BANK OF CHINA - A complete set of $100 issued on 20.12.2017 celebrating the Bank of China Hong Kong branch 100th Year Anniversary. Prefixes issued are - no letter prefix, AA, AB, BC, HK and HY.
View notes: Bank of China Hong Kong; Commemorative;

28th January 2018
FIJI - 2017 $7 Olympic Commemorative note. I have added the replacement note with prefix AZ to my previous post.
View note: Fiji: Commemorative;

I believe there are about 10 more or less countries today that still issuing legal tender banknotes without signature on it. These countries are China, Japan, Korea North, Korea South, Myanmar, Russia, Taiwan, Transdniestria (disputed territory) and Vietnam.