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June Postings 2013

News / Comments / Opinions / Updates ********************************************************************************* 2 June 2013 - Australia 2012 reprints for the $5, $10 and $50 with first/last prefixes range of BA12-EA12, AA12-DF12 and AA12-GB12 respectively. The notes bear the signatures of G Stevens and M Pakinson (new). Are you looking for a set? Well, I am the man, if you are.

5 June 2013 - Malaysia 4th Series 2012 Collertor folders. Well, when these folders were first released, it was selling like hot cakes. With limited issue of 50,000 sets, everyone tried to get some hoping that this will bring in some nice quick profits. Well, guest what? The country's central bank is still selling them. And this time, no queue at all. And how do I know? I just came back from the bank. I didn't buy any, but was surprised to see that the folders are still available after so long.

9 June 2013 - Hmmm... peeing is still not free in public places. Anda kencing, anda musti membayar. Owner of weak bladder, please beware. I believe there is one major shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur is still free.
********************************************************************************* New Postings

1 June 2013 - Scotland £100. Posted here is a Bank of Scotland £100 note (P128b). For this month I will be posting all notes that issued by European countries or Banks. This is a reprint of the first issue in 2007 Bridge series. This note is dated 19.1.2009 and signed by J Eric Daniels (Governor) / Archie G Kane (Treasurer). It appears that only 2 notes were printed for the 2009 year. I have not sighted other denominations for the 2009 reprints. The other note issued was the £50 note (P127b). Again, this £100 note is a very large size note and is measuring 160mm x 90mm. Finding them in uncirculating can be hard sometime, but not impossible but if you can find one, it can be very rewarding. I enjoy collecting large size notes especially in mint condition. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed collecting them.

4 June 2013 - Hungary 2006 reprints. Here I have posted 3 notes, 500, 5000 and 10000 Forint all dated 2006. These are the only 3 notes I have for this given year. It's hard to collect them all when the the notes are dated, unless you are residing from the country where the notes were issued or you really have good source to help you to get them.I hope you have better luck on this.

8 June 2013 - Northern Ireland First Trust Bank 10 Pounds note. This note bears the signature of John Kilty, who is the General Manager of the bank and the note is dated 1.1.2012. It's interesting to note that the title of the signature has changed from Managing Director to General Manager. Those previous issues dated 2009 were signed by Terry McDaid who was then the Managing Director of First Trust Bank. Gerry McGinn was appointed as Managing Director of First Trust Bank in August 2011 but it is not sure why his signature is not on this note. Perhaps this batch of notes were ordered/printed before his appointment started. The bank forms part of the AIB Group (Allied Irish Bank Group). So far this is the only note sighted for 2012 print. I am not sure if this was the only note issued with this date. Perhaps we may see other denominations to be issued at a later date.

9 June 2013 - Northern Ireland Northern Bank Ltd £10 and £20 both dated 12.5.2011. Late last year (2012), few new notes (all reprints) surfaced in circulation in Northern Ireland and these two were among the new releases. These notes imprinted with the new 2011 year date and given that the Northern Bank has now changed it's name to Dankse Bank (since 15.11.2012), it is not sure if these are the last issue bearing the bank's old name. Are there any 2012 year date notes printed? Needless to say, as a keen collector, we would be most welcomed to see more, but if this is the last of the issue, then we are also happy to see new issues of this bank too. Danske Bank branded notes will be printed from mid 2013, but the Northern Bank branded notes will continue to be circulated and be accepted as legal tenders. Either way, any new notes are most welcomed by collectors. These notes that I have posted bear the signature of Gerry Mallan. The £20 note posted here is a radar note.

10 June 2013 - Northern Ireland Ulster Bank £10 and £20 both dated 3.1.2012. These are just reprints from the current issue with new date. For 130 years the overall design of Ulster Bank's own notes had remained largely unchanged. However in 1966 the notes were fully redesigned, which paid homage to the industries in Northern Ireland as well as featuring views of Ulster landscapes such as the Mourne Mountains, the Queen Elizabeth Bridge and the Giant’s Causeway. The reverse of the note features the coat-of-arms and motto of Ulster Bank, surrounded by the four heraldic arms of the provinces of Ireland. Not many banknotes nowadays are still printed with white margins. The main designs of the current series is now 47 years old. 

13 June 2013 - Bulgaria 1999 issues Folder set (P114-P119) 1 Lev to 50 leva (6 notes) with matching serial numbers of AA 0000778. Posted here are 6 notes issued in 1999 with denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 Leva. These notes were issued on 5.7.1999 by the Bulgarian National Bank following the country currency reform when the new Lev is equal of the 1000 old leva. These 6 notes were issued in a folder format and this set comes with matching serial numbers and a Certificate of Authenticity. I can’t find any additional details from the standard banknotes catalogue, but obviously these folder sets were meant for collection purposes. It should be noted that the 100 Leva was not included in this set as the denomination was only introduced later in 2003.

17 June 2013 - Latvia 10 Latu (Lati) 2008 print. I have added this to my other 2008 print, the 500 Latu Hybrid note. As a full member of the EU community, this is one of the few remainder countries in Europe still issuing it's own currency. It's a pity that slowly one by one they are converting it own identity and culture to Euro, which may or may not have any meaning to them. The only thing left they can show to the rest of the world are in coins. These are very strong currency to collect, stronger than the Euro.

22 June 2013 - Serbia and Montenegro 500 Dinara dated 2007 reprint. Only one note posted.

25 June 2013 - European Union Italy Print 2013. This is the first of the redesigned of the new Euro issued in 2013. The main designs of the note is still the same as those previously issued but with new security features added. The letters of BCE ECB EZB EKT EXP are now printed vertically on the right hand side of the note instead on top with the following letters are also added - EБЧ, EKB, EKP and EBC, due to the expansion of the EU community. Also the signature of the Bank Governor Mario Dragh is shifted to the right. A printer code is also added to the note on the top right corner (S002F4). On the reverse, the map of Europe moved from the right to the left. The last 6 digits of the serial numbers are also repeated and printed vertically.

28 June 2013 - Hungary 2009 prints. Posted here are 2 notes, 1000 and 20,000 Forint all dated 2009. The 20000 Forint is still the largest denomination of banknote currently circulating in the country.

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