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May Postings 2013

News / Comments / Opinions / Updates
1 May 2013 - Malaysia 2004 RM5 Polymer. I am looking for the RM5 polymer note with "EG" prefix in uncirculated condition. If you have any to offer, please contact me. Thanks.

12 May 2013 - Northern Ireland, Northern Bank Ltd £10 Dated 2008. This is what I called, a complete collection. Here I have updated a 2008 £10 Northern Bank replacement note with 'YY' prefix. In this post you will see that I have the £10 pounds note with 'GG' first prefix, a specimen piece with 'GG000000" and now the replacement prefix 'YY' note. It is very satisfying in deed to be able to get them in such a manner. All notes posted here are in UNC condition. Mind you, the replacement note piece is more expensive than the specimen note I have paid for. As at 1.1.2013, the Northern Bank is now officially known as Dankse Bank, following the acquisition of the bank by the Dankse Bank Group of Denmark. Going forward, we expect to see some design changes (if not brand new notes) to the new bank notes to be issued by this bank. However, we are aware that the Northern Bank has recently released a £20 note dated 2011, and it has also been reported that a £10 note dated 2011 has also been released recently too. Time will tell if we see more to be released bearing the old bank name of Northern Bank.

19 May 2013 - Northern Ireland. It appears that at least 7 new notes (reprints with new dates) were released to the public for circulation since last December 2012. The notes that have been sighted/reported are the First Trust Bank £10 (2012), £20 (2009) and £50 (2009), Northern Bank £10 and £20 (both 2011) and Ulster Bank £10 and 20 (both 2012). No new note has been reported for Bank of Ireland yet. This is really a happy time for collectors especially we are also expecting to see new notes from the newly named Dankse Bank too. I hope you have already collected all the new notes released. For me, I am still hunting for some.

New Postings

1 May 2013 - Northern Ireland First Trust Bank Limited £20 and £50 both dated 1.6.2009. These are just the reprints from the previous issues with new signature. These are the only two notes for this particular year that I am aware of and these notes bear the signature of Terry McDaid, Managing Director, First Trust Bank. Terry McDaid left the bank towards the end of 2011, after 36 years working in the banking industry. The designs of these notes have changed little since it was first introduced in 1994 under the current bank's name. Prior to that these notes were issued under the name of the Allied Irish Bank Limited. In addition to the banknotes issued by the four major banks in Northern Ireland, banknotes issued by the Bank of England are also widely circulating in Northern Ireland too.

4 May 2013 - Bermuda $50 2007. This is the only note I have for this 2007 dated note. It is believes that other denominations have also been printed too but I am not sure if it comes in full set. However the denominations of $2, $10 and $20 have been sighted, but not the $100 note yet. I hope you have better luck than me. Hopefully we will see more of the 2007 issues available for sale at a later date. So far I do not have much luck yet.

5 May 2013 - Chile 5000 Pesos Polymer 2011. I have added this note to my previous post. This is just a reprint of the previous issue with the tiny new year date of 2011 imprinted on the note. Signatures are still the same as previous issue. The design of this polymer note was first released on 24.9.2009. Chile first introduced polymer notes in 2004 with the released of the 2000 Pesos (P160). Since then, two more polymer denominations were added, mainly the 1000 and 5000 Pesos. The remaining notes, 10,000 and 20,000 are still printed on paper. The 20,000 Pesos value is still the largest note currently circulating in the country.

10 May 2013 - Uganda 2010 new issues (ISO code UGX). A complete set of new notes with denominations of 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000 and 50000 Shillings. All notes are in un-circulated condition and all notes are printed with the year date of 2010. These notes were first introduced on 17.05.2010. The theme for this series featuring the country's rich historical, natural and cultural heritage. There are 5 images appear on all the 6 notes, mainly the Uganda mat patterns, Ugandan basketry, map of Uganda, the Independence Monument and the profile of a man wearing Karmojong headdress. According to the bank's Government Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile, this issue has nothing to do with any currency reform or were dictated by politics, but merely to comply with internal practices and also to beat counterfeiters.

12 May 2013 - Republic of China Amoy Industrial Bank ND1940. (1,2,10 & 50 Cents PS1655-1658). Nothing special about these notes except that they are fairly cheap and plenty available in the market. Chinese notes have been in high demand over the past few years, almost in any condition. These notes were issued by the Amoy Industrial Bank. Amoy, aka Xiamen is a coastal city located at the Taiwan Strait. The people here speak the local dialect of Hokkien.

18 May 2013 - Philippines 100 Piso 100th Anniversary of Famous Masons Commemorative. In December 2012, I posted a 4-Uncut sheet of the Philippines Famous Masons. Here I have now posted the single note for this commemorative issue.

19 May 2013 - Argentina One Peso ND1994 P339c. Only one note here. Fairly cheap not too. Collecting this for the sake of the hobby as I do not have any post Argentina hyperinflation notes since the early 90s. I have few more to upload at a later date.

22 May 2013 - Indonesia. A complete set of 2005 print with determinations of 1000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000 and 100000 Rupiah. Of the 6 notes uploaded here, 5 notes are with replacement prefix of 'X'. Only the 5000 Rupiah is not a replacement note.

25 May 2013 - Sudan June 2011 Set. A complete set of 5 notes released in 2011. The notes are 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 Sudanese Pounds. All my notes posted here are in uncirculated condition unless otherwise stated.

31 May 2013 - Monzambique 20 Centavos 1933. By any standard, this note should worth something given that it was printed some 80 years ago. Well, I am sure it's worth something, even for at least few cents. I got this free from some banknotes purchased not long ago. I believe this is a private issued by the Company of Mozambique (Companhia de Mocambique, established in February 1891). CoM was a royal company operated in Portuguese Mozambique and had concession of lands in the colony in the provinces of Manica and Sofala in central Mozambique. CoM ceased operation in 1972. The note is in excellent condition. Now despite my above comment, I am currently in Singapore, topping up my vitamin level, I visited a local dealer and saw this note sellinf for S$85. Now I could be wrong, but I believe this is the same note. maybe this dealer knows something that I am not aware of.

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