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5367 banknotes collected as at 15.07.2018

July Postings 2013

News / Comments / Opinions / Updates ********************************************************************************* 10 July 2013 - I still have many more banknotes to upload onto this site. If you have any preferences (like countries etc), please let me know and I will see what I can do. If I have them, I will upload them next. All my notes are scanned at 300dpi for your viewing pleasure. Happy collecting.

27 July 2013 - I have today changed the banner on my site. I beleieve you know who that person is. If not, perhaps do a little bit of research. If that's unsuccessful, then please do contact me. Cheers.
********************************************************************************* New Postings

1 July 2013 - Bermuda 2009 Reprints. Listed are 3 notes reprints from the 2009 issue. These are all Hybrid notes with denominations of $2, $20 and $50. The remaining denominations of $5, $10 and $100 are not issued yet. From the scans uploaded, you will see some minor colour changes for the $2 and $20 on the back of the notes and also the redesign of the longtail bird on the front of the $50 note. Apart from these, all notes also printed with new signatures as well. These notes are also dated 1.1.2009 as per the original issue, but it is believed that they were released between 2012/2013. The prefix on these notes have also changed from the Bermuda Onion to A/1. The currency of the Bermuda dollar is at par with the US Dollar.

5 July 2013 - Australia $5 1997 Collectors Commemorative Premium Folder issue. This is a set of 3 notes issued to celebrate Australia 30th Anniversary of $5 notes. Australia converted from Pound Sterling currency to Decimal on Valentine Day 1966. Two versions were issued to celebrate this special occasion, in Premium (red serial numbers) and Deluxe folder (black serial numbers) sets. The #1 Premium folder set was auctioned off and raised A$780, which was then donated to the Guide Dog Association of Victoria. In total, 3,000 sets were issued, of which 1,000 printed with red serial numbers (premium sets) and the rest with black serial numbers (deluxe sets). This set comprises of 3 notes, all $5 dollars aka the Famous Fives.
- $5 Paper - B Fraser/Cole signatures, final paper print run overprinted with "First Issued May 1997";
- $5 Polymer - B Fraser/T Evans signatures, last prefix overprinted with "First Issued 7 July 1992"; and
- $5 Polymer - B Fraser/T Evans signatures, first prefix overprinted with "First Issued 24 April 1995".
The original issue price for this Premium set was A$85 per set.

6 July 2013 - United States of America $2 and $5. This is a commemorative folder issued on 11.12.2012 to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP - 2 locations at Washington DC and Forth Worth Texas). This is a limited edition consists of 2 notes set featuring a Series 2009 $2 note from the Federal Reserve of New York and a Series 2009 $5 note from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. The $2 note bears a serial number beginning with '2012' to celebrate the 150 years of the pride, craftsmanship and innovation, and the $5 serial number begins with "1862" to symbolise the origin of the BEP. For each set the last 4 serial numbers on the notes are matching. Only 10,000 sets are printed and each set is sold for US$49.95. Despite such a low limited issue, I can't say they are selling like hot cakes as it has no restriction as to how many sets a customer can buy. In fact, you can buy 10 sets or more at a discounted price of $44.95 each. Perhaps this is because only customers in the USA, US Virgins Island, US Minor Outlying Islands and Canada can buy them. With a USA population of 315+ million (excluding Canada), 10,000 sets is indeed a very low issue.

10 July 2013 - Barbados 2013 new series full set. The release of these notes was first announced by the Governor of the central bank, Dr DeLisle Worrell on the 2.5.2013. These notes were released on the 4.6.2013. All denominations of this new series remain the same colour of those previous issues since 1973. Overall all notes have a new look. Each denomination retains the same portrait as per previous issues but with new designs on the reverse of each note, all linked to the portrait on the front ie $2-John Redman Bovell (sugar industry pioneer)/vignette of Morgan Lewis Windmill; $5-Sir Frank Worrell (Cricketer)/3Ws Oval; $10-Charles Duncan O'Neal/Charles Duncan O'Neal Bridge; $20-Samuel Jackman Prescod (politician)/Parliament buildings; $50-Errol Barrow (first Prime Minister)/Independence Square; and $100-Sir Grantley Adams/Grantley Adams International Airport. The new notes all have additional new securities added and all notes are also dated 2.5.2013. It appears that the staffs of the bank were also involved in the selecting and designing of the new series of notes. Interesting!

12 July 2013 - Zambia 2012 Full set (issued in 2013). This is a complete set of the new issue with all Kwacha value re denominated by removing 3 zeros from the previous issues. The purpose of this revaluation is to strenghtening the Zambian Kwacha aginst all others convertible currencies. The set comprises of 6 notes with new value of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 Kwacha. Unlike the previous 500 and 1000 Kwacha which were printed on Polymer, all notes are now printed on paper materials. All notes are signed by the current Governor Michael M Gondwe who succeded the previous Governor of the Central Bank, Caleb M Fundanga (2002 to 2011) in 2011.

13 July 2013 - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 200 Riyal Commemorative note P28. Like the 20 Riyal, this note was issued in 2000 (together with the 20 Riyal) to celebrate the the country's centenary of the founding of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). I have added this note to the 20 Riyal commemorative posted earlier.

19 July 2013 - Indonesia 2006 Full set from 1,000 to 100,000 Rupiah (6 notes). All notes are printed with the "X" replacement prefix. I believe this is the only full set of Indonesian replacement notes for any given year that I have in my collection. All notes are in uncirculated condition.

20 July 2013 - Indonesia 2007 prints. Few more Rupiah here for the 5,000, 50,000 and 100,000 (P142, 145 146). Both the 50,000 and 100,000 Rupiah are printed with the "X" replacement prefix. Only 3 notes collected for this year.

23 July 2013 - Myanmar (aka Burma) 1985 to 1987 Full Set. This set got to be the most unusual denomination of notes ever issued in the entire history of banknotes printing. if you think notes like 2.5 Rupiah (Indonesia), $3 (Cook Islands), $40 (Cayman islands) or $150 (Hong Kong Standard Chartered Bank were weird, how about this? The denominations for this set comprises of 15, 35, 45, 75 and 90 Kyats. Rumor has it that the former strongman General Ne Win (1911-2002) ordered these to be issued as these numbers were auspicious to him. Hmmm.......just imagine, kids in Burma in those days must be great in their mental mathematics calculations when come to dealing with money in public. I will never survived in this kind of environment. These set was given to me as a gift by a good collector friend. Thank you "Towkay".

27 July 2013 - North Korea 1988 Socialist Visitor issue P31 to P38. This is a full set of 8 notes issued mainly for visitors from foreign socialist countries visiting the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea). This set comprises of 1, 5, 10 and 50 Chon and 1, 5, 10 and 50 Won (8 notes). These are very cheap notes, but it's still fun to collect them. To the outside world these notes are totally worthless.

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