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5367 banknotes collected as at 15.07.2018

April Posting 2013


I am looking for the Indonesia 10,000 Rupiah 2011 reprint note to complete my 2011 series. Please 'tolong' me if you can. Thanks.

14 April 2013 - Scotland Bank of Scotland 1995 Commemorative. I have added the £5 (P119a) dated 1995 to my collection. This series was issued in 1995 to celebrating the Bank of Scotland's 300th year of service to the community.

27 April 2013 - Interesting news. just read this on the Net. The portrait of Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (1874-1965) will appear in the next Bank of England banknote. This will be printed on the £5 note and won't be available until 2016. Still few more years to go.(source: Bank of England). Would this be a polymer note?

28 April 2013 - I have today added the image of the front cover for the recent joint issue of Macau Year of the Snake 10 Patacas notes issued by Bank of China and Banco Nacional Ultramarino. The folder comes with a note each from the respective bank, but the serial numbers are not matching. I have no information to confirm that if this was an official folder issue nor the quantity or the issue price either?


Bangladesh BDT25
1 April 2013 - Bangladesh 25 Taka, 2013 Commemorative. This is a commemorative note issued to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the Security Printing Corporation (Bangladesh) Ltd 1988-2013. This is rather a very small size note, measuring only by 123mm x 60mm. Given the strength of the Taka currency, this is a very affordable note to collect. I am not surprised if collectors have this note in bundles. I  do not know what the general perception of this note would be, but personally judging by the colour used on the design, I can't say that I like it but then who am I to judge? Who knows, given time, one might even change his/her mind. This is only my opinion and I hope your perception on this note is better than mine.

Zambia ZMK50,000
4 April 2013 - Zambia 2011 Reprints. Posted here is a full set of Zambia 2011 reprints from 500 Kwacha to 50,000 Kwacha (6 notes). The 500 and 1000 Kwacha are both printed on polymer material whist the rest are in paper. Since then, this set has been replaced by another 2012 new issue (released on 1.1.2013), which 3 zeros of the denominations been removed (from 2 to 100 Kwacha).

England GBP20
7 April 2013 - England, Bank of England (BoE) two notes, £10 (P379e) and £20 (P380e). These two notes bear the signature of G. Malcolm Gill (1988-1991) as Chief Cashier. Nothing special about these 2 notes that I have uploaded here. Both notes are in circulated condition. Like those that I posted back in January this year, these two notes were also given to me as a gift by the same person. In addition to these two notes, G. Malcolm Gill's signature also appeared on the two other denominations, the £5 and £50 notes, unfortunately I do not have these notes in my collection (yet).

Bank of Scotland GBP20
11 April 2013 - Scotland, Bank of Scotland Twenty Pounds (P121e) dated 26.11.2003. This is the first prefix for this reprint and it bears the signature of George Mitchell as Governor. This is the only note I have for this 2003 year reprint. There are also other reprints for 2003 series including the £10, £50 and £100 denominations. It is always tough to collect them all especially these are strong currency. It is also interesting to note that the title has changed from the previous issues (Governor, Treasurer & Managing Director) to just Governor, only applied to notes printed in 2003 and 2004 only (ie from 2 signatures to one). This note posted has the letter prefix of "DW", which is also the first prefix for this reprint (commencing with DW900001).

Paraguay PYG5000
13 April 2013 - Paraguay 5000 Guaranies 2011 Polymer. Paraguay was the 32nd nation to issue plastic banknotes. The country first polymer note was the 2000 Guaranies and it was issued on 18.12.2009 (note dated 2008). Since then two more reprints have been issued for this denomination, dated 2009 and 2011. This note should catch the eyes of those who likes old locomotives....choo....choo....choo....choo!!.

Cambodia KHR1000
14 April 2013 - 1000 Riels 2013 Commemorative note. Commemorative notes are much more fun to collect and this is a fairly cheap note too, released in February 2013 to commemorate the late King Norodom Sihanouk Funeral Procession (1922-2012). King Sihanouk was the King of Cambodia twice from 1941 to 1955 and then from 1993 to 2004 when he abdicated in favour of his eldest son King Norodom Sihamoni. The late King Sihanouk had a very long and debatable performance in his role as a politician and Prince/King of Cambodia. As this topic is very subjective, perhaps history will judge him on his achievement (good or bad). This will be depending on which side of the fence you are sitting on. I suppose the Cambodian people are the best to judge on this, after all we are just outsiders.

Falkland Islands FKP10
18 April 2013 - Falklands Island 10 Pounds 2011 print. This is just a reprint of the previous issue. Imagine this. Falkland Islands has a very small population of approximately 2,850+/-. Any reordering of banknotes will need to be printed with quantity that it will have to be cost effective. With such a small population, one has to agree that every print will last a very long time before the next re ordering is required. Good if you are a general banknotes collector but not so good if you are specialised in just collecting Falkland Islands banknotes.

Solomon Islands SBD100
20 April 2013 - Solomon Islands 2006 to 2008 prints. Uploaded here are 4 notes all signed by Rick N Houenipwela and Luma Darcy. As mentioned, these were printed between 2006 to 2008. I have these 4 notes in my collection since February 2012 and I am not sure if these are all the notes printed with these combination of signatures as I have not sighted the other two denominations of $2 and $20. It is possible that these two notes were not printed then? These notes have since been superseded by the signatures of Denton Hehenoro Rarawa and Shadrach Fanega (2009-2011 prints). If any readers have additional information on the $2 and $20 notes, please let me know as I am always keen to get them in complete set.

Venezuela VEF20
25 April 2013 - Venezuela 20 Bolivares 1987 (P71). A very nice commemorative note here, issued to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of General Rafael Jose Urdaneta y Faria (1788-1845). The reserve of the note features the Battle of Lake Maracaibo, depicting more than 40 ships in the battle. General Rafael Urdaneta was a hero of the Spanish American wars of Independence in several countries in northern South America.

Indonesia IDD100
28 April 2013 - Indonesia (Medan Sumatra) $100. This is a private issue dated 14.8.1899, issued during the Dutch occupation, by the Nederlandsche Handel Tobacco Deli in Medan, Indonesia. I do not have any information on this company, but I know that this is not a rare note despite it's more than 100 years old. This note has very little or no security features printed, and it's printed in few languages including Chinese and Tamil (Indian). The quality of material used on this note was very ordinary too. Medan is now the capital city of North Sumatra Province and is the fourth largest city in Indonesia. It is also the largest city in Indonesia, outside the island of Java. I am just wondering why they have this note printed in the first place?

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