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5367 banknotes collected as at 15.07.2018

July Postings 2017

1st July 2017
SAMOA - A complete set of 5 notes. These series was first issued in 2008 and reprints (with the exception of the 10 Tala) in 2012. This set comprises of paper notes and two Hybrid notes. This set posted here all have ZZ replacement prefixes. These notes were released on 30th and 31st of May 2017, in time for the country's independence celebration (01.06.2017, actual day is 1st of January).
View notes: Samoa; Hybrid;

4th July 2017
LIBERIA - A complete set of 6 notes all dated 2016. All notes were issued in 2016 with the exception of the $500 note, which was introduced on 17.01.2017.
View notes: Liberia;

8th July 2017
NICARAGUA - A complete set of replacement notes all issued in 2015. This full set comprises of 5 polymer notes and one paper notes;
View notes: Nicaragua; Polymernotes:

12th July 2017
BANGLADESH - Three notes all dated 2012. Nothing special about these notes. They are 10, 20 and 50 Taka values.
View notes; Bangladesh;

15th July 2017
CHINA - 400 Wen (Cash) dated in the Republic of China year 9 (1920). It seems that this is an unissued note. I have no further info on this note except that it was issued by the Sinkiang Provisional Government Finance Department.
View note; Sinkiang China;

19th July 2017
ZIMBABWE - King of Funny Money. I have posted here two bond notes issued in 2016 and early 2017 of $2 and $5 Bond Notes respectively.
View notes: Zimbabwe;

22nd July 2017
SCOTLAND THE ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND - A £1 note dated 23.03.1994. This is what they called a "Headless note" printed by the British American Bank Note Company (BA Banknote) and was issued in 1994. It is believed that this is the only note issued printed by BA Banknotes with prefix C/31.
View note: The Royal Bank of Scotland;

26th July 2017
AUSTRALIA - 2017 two notes folder issue with one new 2016 $5 polymer note and one $5 2015 last issue.
View notes: Australia;

29th July 2017
CHINA - A folder set of 3 notes with the face value of 1, 2 and 5 fen. These are very common notes and they came from the 1953 series. These notes only have Roman numerals as prefix/serial numbers. A total of one million issued to the public in 2000.
View notes: China;

Comment: How do you feel about those banknotes been graded by those professional grading firms and sealed in a hard plastic cover? Do you have an opinion on this?

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