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5367 banknotes collected as at 15.07.2018

June Postings 2017

1st June 2017
MEXICO - 100 Pesos commemorative 2017. A complete set of 10 notes with AX and AY Series celebrating 100th Anniversary of the Enactment of the Constitution of the United Mexican States 1917-2017.
View notes: Mexico; Commemorative:

8th June 2017
GHANA - 5 Cedis Central Bank 60th Anniversary Commemorative. The note is dated 04.03.217 and released to the public on 07.03.2017.
View note: Ghana; Commemorative:

12th June 2017
ARMENIA - 100000 Dram dated 2009. This is the largest denomination ever issued. When it was first reported, it said that it was a commemorative note. But since then, I was unable to locate any confirmation that this was a commemorative note.
View note: Armenia;

15th June 2017
HUNGARY - One note of 500 Forint with year date of 2013.
View note: Hungary;

17th June 2017
VIETNAM - 2011 reprints of 4 notes.
View notes: Vietnam; Polymernotes:

20th June 2017
HUNGARY - 10,000 Forint dated 2014. Is this the only denomination printed with 2014 year date for the revised series?
View note: Hungary;

23rd June 2017
CHINA - 100 Yuan with Letter-Number-Number-Letter prefix. These two notes posted have solid serial numbers.
View notes: China;

24th June 2017
CHINA - One more odd note of one yuan dated 1999 from the Peoples' republic of China. This is just a common notes with difference format in the serial number printed - Letter-Number-Letter prefix.
View note: China;

25th June 2017
CHINA - One Yuan dated 1999 with prefix Letter-Number-Number-Letter.
View note: China;

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