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December 2012 Postings - Commemorative Month

GOOD BYE 2012 and HELLO 2013!!
December 29, 2012 - Croatia 10 Kuna Commemorative. The Croatian National Bank is the central bank of the Republic of Croatia. This 10 Kuna note was issued in 2004 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the bank. Like all central banks around the world, the main objective of the bank is to maintain price stability in Croatia. The central bank was established by the Constitution of Croatia which was passed by the Croatian Parliament on 21.12.1990 but I am not sure why this note was issued in 2004. This note is signed by the Governor Zeljko Rohatinski. This note has the similar design to the previous 10 Kuna (P38 - dated 2001) issued, however an additional print of a large 10 is added to the watermark area on the right of the note (obverse). This note is dated 30.05.2004.
Croatia Central Bank Commemorative 2004, P45
December 28, 2012 - Sweden Ten Krone, Dated 1968 P56 Commemorating 300th Anniversary of Sveriges Riksbank. Sveriges Riksbank is the central bank of Sweden. The bank is also sometime known as Riksbanken or Swedish National Bank or Bank of Sweden. The Riksbank began it operations in 1668 and is the world's oldest central bank. The bank's motto is "Herefore strenght and safety". Looking at countries like Ireland, Greece and Italy, perhaps this is the reason why the Swedish did not want to be part of the EU common currency!
Sweden 10 Krone 1968 Commemorative, P56
December 25, 2012 - Nicaragua 2007 100 Cordobas Commemorative note, celebrating 100th Years of National Currency. Merry Christmas to all my friends and visitors.
Nicaragua 100 Cordobas 2007 Commemorative note
December 24, 2012 - Philippines 50 Piso 4-Uncut Sheet Commemorative, celebrating 15 Years of Bangko Sentral Ng Philippines (BSP) 1993-2008. The BSP was established on 3.1.1949 and rechartered on 3.7.1993, pursuant to the provision of the 1987 Philippines Constitution and the new Central Bank Act 1993. Despite this was issued for this purpose, no overprint or logo was added to the note. This note is dated 2008 featuring the portrait of Sergio Osmena, the first speaker of the Philippines Assembly. The main feature on the back is the National Museum. Interesting about this folder is that it added an interesting trivia to it - "There are 16 soldiers on the obverse of the bill (banknote). Think outside the box and find them". Have fun! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL.
Philippines 50 Piso 4 Uncut Sheet 2008, PNL
December 22, 2012 -Bahamas One Dollar Commemorative note. This note was issued in 1992 to celebrate 500th Year of Christopher Columbus first landing in the America.
Bahamas One Dollar 1992 Commemorative, P50
December 20, 2012 - Thailand 100 Baht Commemorative note. This note was issued on 27.7.2012 to commemorating the 60th Birthday of Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn (5th cycle Birthday Anniversary. 10M pieces issued . 
Thailand 100 Baht 2012, PNL
December 16, 2012 - Kenya 200 Shillings Commemorative Note (P46). This note celebrates the country 40 Years of Independence 1963-2003 from the British.
Kenya 200 Shillings 2003 Indepedence Commemorative, P46
December 15, 2012 - Hungary 1000 Forint 2000 Millennium Commemorative (P185). Like many countries around the world, Hungary in 2000 released a 1000 Forint celebrated the Millennium. The design of the note is the same as the 1000 Forint issued in circulation then but with the word 'Millennium' in red added to the bottom left corner. Little has changed for the design of this note since then except that those issued most recently including either a silver or gold metallic strip towards the left side of the note.
Hungary 2000 Millennium Issue, P185
December 12, 2012 - The Philippines 100 Piso 2012 Commemorative. This is a 4-Uncut sheet of 100 Piso issued to commemorate 100th Anniversary of Famous Masons in the Philippines (Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Manson - Philippines). Whilst the commemorative are related to the famous locals, it also included one foreigner, General Douglas MacArthur, Commander-in-Chief USAF (Far East).
Philippines 100 Piso 4-Uncut 2012 Commemorative, PNL
December 9, 2012 - Fiji 2000 Millennium Commemorative Issue (P102). Here I have added the following notes to my Fiji Millennium single note circulating issue; -
1) Two dollars single note folder issue; and
2) Two dollars 2 Uncut pair folder issue.
According to the folder, here are some of the interesting information/facts about Fiji and this note: -
a) First country in the world to welcome the 2000 Millennium, and is also the last to farewell the sunset of the old millennium;
b) First in the world to issue a millennium banknote (date of release unknown to me);
c) First commemorative note ever issued by Fiji;
d) One million F$2 printed and were issued in singles (436,000 pieces including single and folder), 2 Uncut (100,000 sheets), 20 Uncut (15,000 sheets) and 32 Uncut (2,000 sheets).
The note is printed with a special prefix of 2K. I am wondering if any replacement prefix is used. In addition to this, a F$2000 note was also issued, and no, I do not have this high value note, but I am aiming to find one for my collection.
Footnote 1: Since 31.12.2010, Fiji is no longer the first country to see the sun. Samoa (Western Samoa) shifted it's time zone by moving forward one day on the 31.12.2010 to get into line with New Zealand and Australia, and became the first country to see the sun everyday. The purpose for this switching was purely for commercial and economic benefits. Instead of one day behind, Samoa is now 1 hour ahead of New Zealand and 3 hours ahead of Australia. Also prior to that on 8.9.2009, the country also switched it driving system from the right to left side for the same reasons. The last time a country did that was Sweden and that took place on 3.9.1967, also switched from the right to the left side.
Footnote 2: This folder note was initially distributed by Money World Group of Companies (a Singapore based company, I think).
Fiji $2 2000 Millennium Note, P102
December 8, 2012 - Barbados $100 1997 Commemorating note. This note was issued to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Central Bank of Barbados. The note has the same design as previous issues, except that it has the commemorative text imprinted on the left side of the note - "To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Central Bank of Barbados". Unfortunately, this note that I have is only in VF condition. It appears that finding one in UNC condition may not be esay. Standard catalogue listed this with a market value of US$155 in UNC condition.
Barbados $100 ND1997 Commemorative, P53a
December 6, 2012 - Djibouti -1997 Two Thousand Francs. This note was reportedly to be a Commemorating issue, celebrating the country 20th Anniversary of Independence.
Djibouti 2000 Francs ND1997, P40
December 3, 2012 - Macedonia F.Y.R.O. 100 Denar (P20) with 2000 overprint Commemorative. This note was issued to celebrate the Millennium year 2000. This is the last of the 15 nations that in 2000 released banknotes for this unique and special occasion. Collecting Millennium notes can be very interesting but also frustrating especially some of these notes issued in 2000 are not just getting harder to find, but can be very expensive too and that is why my millennium collection is not complete yet and it will never be, especially for those large uncut sheet 'wallpaper' type. I hope you have better luck than me.
Macedonia FYRO 100 Denar 2000 Millennium Commemorative, P20
December 2, 2012 - Macao 100 Patacas Commemorative note. Like the one issued by Bank of China (Hong Kong Branch), this note was also issued to celebrate the bank's 100 years of it's inception. According to the bank's website, 3.0 million pieces were printed but not less than 1.0 million pieces were sold to the public at MOP 150 each. Is than means that the rest were retained or handed out as gifts to guests, business associates or staffs of the bank etc? So far, I have only sighted two prefixes, ie MO and BOC. Are there more?
Macau 100 Patacas Dated 5.2.2012, PNL
December 1, 2012 - Slovakia 2000 Millennium Commemorative set. Like few countries around the world, Commemorative notes were issued in 2000 to welcome the 2000 Millennium era, and I must say that majority of us would only have once in a life time to witness this celebration. Here, I have uploaded a full set of Slovakia notes originally issued between 1993 to 1995 with overprint logo in silver and gold (5000 Korun only) colours to celebrate this special occasion. As far as I know, Slovakia is the only nation that released the commemorative set in full, whilst others only issued either single or two notes sets for this special occasion. In all only 15 countries released banknotes to celebrate the 2000 millennium.
Slovakia 5000 Korun 2000 Millennium Commemorative


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