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this site follows the time zone of Kirimati, the first to see the rising sun.

5367 banknotes collected as at 15.07.2018

Beware of Crooks / Bad Traders!

WARNING! - Recently I noticed few activities in my Chat Box (Cbox). It appears that there were some discussions going on in relation to exchanging coins and banknotes with other collectors. As I am the owner of this site, I would like to pre warn anyone reading this message that there might be someone out there pretending to be the owner of this site and use it as bait. If you are one of them and would like to know if you were really talking to me, simply post a message on any of my postings with your email details and I will come back to you. All my comments or feed back postings are subject to prior approval, and as I am the owner, I am the only one can view your comments first. Please let this be your first and final warning!!


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