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5367 banknotes collected as at 15.07.2018

July to December 2010 postings

Show and Tell
Northern Ireland Northern Bank 10 Pounds Dated 9.11.2008 P210
Obverse: John Boyd Dunlop, Reverse: Belfast City Hall Building
This is a Northern Ireland Northern Bank 10 Pounds note. The bearded guy on the note is John Boyd Dunlop (1840-1921) who invented the bicycle inflatable tyre. As "GG" is the first prefix of the 2008 print, this note came from the first bundle. In addition to this, I also have the specimen note for this series. To finish off with a trifecta, I will need to find a replacement note for this series, which is the “YY” prefix. However I don’t think I will be spending anymore ‘money’ on this series for the time being.

And the latest are....

December 22, 2010
This was reported on Australian news yesterday. Dr Ken Henry, whose signature has been on Australian polymer notes since 2002 will step down as Secretary to the Treasure in February 2011. He will be replaced by Martin Parkinson, and with that we will expect new signature on new notes to be issued. However, given that only the 2009 print ($50) has been released so far, notes with new signature may not be available to collectors, perhaps until 2012. Well, still a long way to go then!

December 20, 2010
Vanuatu - A set of Vanuatu notes put together by the Central Bank of Vanuatu in 1982 to celebrate the first set of Vanuatu banknotes issued by the country following gaining independence from Britain and France in 1980. These folder note sets were sold at a premium and all three notes come with low matching serial numbers (AA000168). I believe there are no certificate issued for this release. All notes were signed by Philip Shing (President) and John A Howard (General Manager). Other denominations were later added to the series, with Vt5000 in 1989, Vt200 in 1995 and Vt10,000 (polymer) in 2010. We will expect to see new notes from Vanuatu, all polymers, to be released including the new Vt2,000 later, and this will depends on the current remaining stock of the paper notes. Vanuatu is still the only nation that I have managed to collect all it's banknotes issued for circulations, including commemorative since it's independence in 1980.

December 17, 2010*
Oman - This new Hybrid commemorative note was released on 22.11.2010 to commemorate the 40th National Day celebration of Oman. The National Day is celebrated on the 18th of November.

As per current Omani Rials in circulation, this note carries the portrait of the Sultan of Oman, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, and is also signed by His Majesty as well. Included in the design are the National Emblem (coat of arms) at the centre of the note and the wording “40th National day” and Year of issue in Arabic: 1431 AH and 2010 at the bottom of the note. The note also features the Grand Mosque at the centre. At the back of the note, it carries the name of CBO and denomination in English. The design on the back features mainly the Royal Opera House, national Emblem (coat of arms) and also the National Day Logo for this very special occasion.
This is the second commemorating note ever issued by the Central Bank of Oman . The first one was the One Rial released in 2005 celebrating the 35th year of National Day of the nation too.

Nepal - These two notes were issued in 1997 to celebrate the silver jubilee of King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. He acceded to the thrown on 31.1.1972 and was killed on 1.6.2001 by his eldest son following a Nepalese royal massacre. After his death, he was succeeded by his brother King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev, who was later forced to abdicate when the Nepalese Monarchy was dissolved in 2008 by the elected government without a popular referendum.

December 15, 2010
Vanuatu - Vt1000. This note was released recently but I am not sure which year. The signatures on this notes are Odo Tevi and Sela Molisa, and the letters prefix is "JJ". As I do not have the latest SCWPM, I have labeled this note as P10c. Look for the scan second from bottom up. I am pleased to say that Vanuatu is the only nation that I have managed to collect all it's banknotes printed since independence in 1980 from the British and French.

December 11, 2010
Singapore - $50 printed with 2 square dots on the reverse. I am not sure what the rational behind this. As a collector, one would expect to see a date or name of the printer added to the design of the note, but hardly anything like a dot or triangle etc. After printing this with one, 2 square dots, triangles (1 and 2), then maybe they will move on to say diamonds, round dots, bars and then what? With the new year approaching fast, I am sure we will see more of these.

December 10, 2010
New Zealand - This is the 2007 $50 reprint. Both the $5 and $10 are also printed for 2007 but unfortunately I do not have them yet. Like Australia, New Zealand also adopted the similar prefix system with 2 alphabet letters following by 2-digit number as the year of the note printed. This note has the same design as previous issues and signed by Alan E Bollard as Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

December 5, 2010
Malaysia - I have just added the "ZB" replacement note for the RM50 second issue released in 2009. This note has approximately between 8 to 10 minor changes to the note as compared to those first released for circulation in January 2008.

Malaysia - I have also added the RM1 with three letter prefix. This is the first time that the Central Bank of Malaysia has issued banknote with 3 letter prefix.

December 4, 2010
Malaysia - Complete prefix set (AA to AE) of Malaysia RM50 issued on 31.01.2008, commemorating the country's 50th Year of Independence (1957 to 2007). Apart from this, a folder note was released in December 2007 celebrating this special occasion. Only 20,000 folders issued and all sold out on the day of released.

Brunei - $100 dated 2008. This is a reprint of the previous issue. However previous issued was dated 15.07.2004 celebrating the birthday of the Sultan of Brunei. This new issue only have the year date of 2008.

December 3, 2010
Oman - 5 Rials to 50 Rials, all 2000 prints. Given the strong value of the Omani rials, the highest denomination is 50 Rials. These notes are quite colourful. With a rather small population base, every new print of notes tend to last donkey years.

Oman - 100 Baisa to 1 Rial all dated 1995.

Fiji Islands - Like many countries around the world, Fiji Islands released two notes commemorating the Millennium year 2000. The denominations of the two noted released were the $2 and $2000, which I do not have in my collection. The $2 note features Sir Kamisese Mara on the front and with the following words printed “Commemorating the Year 2000 where the Millennium begins”. Technically, I though the Millennium starts in 2001. I could be wrong. The reverse features the people of Fiji of various backgrounds, sunrise and a map of Fiji Islands. This note is printed with a special prefix of “2K”.

November 27, 2010
Sultanate of Muscat and Oman - Bought these two notes some 10 years ago (Quarter and Half Rial Saudi). Obviously the name is now obsolete, and has been replaced by Oman. These two notes were relatively expensive when I bought them (comparing to its face values), but considering they were 30 years old when I bought them. The Omani currency is relatively still very strong, must be the vast natural resources such as oil found in the country.

Nigeria (Federal Republic of) - 50 Naira dated 2010. This note was issued on 29.9.2010, commemorating 50th year of Independence from British rule (1960-2010). Independence day is celebrated on 1st of October. Nigeria is made up of 37 States plus a Federal Capital Territory of Abuja. It is also the most populous nation in Africa, with an estimated population of 128 millions. This note has the same design of the current N50 note but has an overprint of the 50th logo. Like previous N50, this note is also printed on polymer. This note was a gift from a good collector friend. Thanks Ted.

Transdniestria - 10 Rubles, dated 2007. This is a cheap value note and was given to me as a gift when I purchased another Transdniestria note from a dealer recently. In case you do not know where is this nation located at, Transdniestria (also known as Trans-Dniestr or Transnistria) is a breakaway territory situated mostly on a strip of land between Moldova and Ukraine. It declares independence following the break up of the USSR in 1990, and briefly fought a war with Moldova which ended in 1992 (March to July 1992). While the war has ended, the territory's political status still unresolved. Transdniestria sovereignty is not recognised by any members of the United Nations member state nor they have any diplomatic relation with them either.

November 21, 2010
Malaysia - Just put up some Malaysian notes. Nothing special, just doing some catching up. I will upload more later. Apologies of the scans quality. These were done long time ago, on 100dpi, and I am not going to re scan them all again. I will only scan them at 200dpi for those new acquisitions. Please enjoy.

November 20, 2010
Australia - As I am not a keen coins collector, I have recently purchased a 20 cents coin celebrating the cricket game played between England and Australia, called the Ashes Test Series. The competition between these two nations commenced since 1882 and has been played biennially in England and Australia. The 2010-2011 series returns once again to Australian shores.

I bought this coin solely due to the design, as it really caught my eyes. The design is quite simple and it is designed like the shape of the cricket ball, on both sides. As usual, QEll bust is minted on one side but its quite small. I can't remembered when was the last time an Australian coin minted with such a small QEll bust. However I do not believe this coin will be put on general circulation, but if you are looking for one, the mintage is around 100,000 pieces. Therefore, plenty around for all collectors. I am wondering the design of this coin will be the same as the actual ball to be used for the series, well maybe minus the QEll's bust!

November 16, 2010
Denmark - This is the 200 Krone note printed in 2008, which has recently been replaced by the new 200 krone (released on 19.10.2010). This series was first released on 10.3.1997, and since than subsequent reprints had minor chances on the note. The most obviously changed was the hologram on the top right hand corner (from latent image). This 200 Krone (C series) comes in two signature varieties, and are signed by Nils Berstein and Torben Nielson. Each signed half the quantity printed. It is interesting to see this kind of arrangement within the Board of Directors. The other signature is Lars G Sorensen. I have also added the 50 Krone (2007) with signatures of Torben Nielson and Lars G Sorensen. However, it appears that only one signature variety for the 100 Krone for the previous last issue.

November 10, 2010
South Africa - A complete set of banknotes printed in 2005. These are nice notes depicting difference kind of local animals found in South Africa. I understand that due to counterfeiting, the SARB has recently withdrew the circulation of those older 200 Rand issued. New 200 rand are issued with better security features.

November 8, 2010
Denmark - I have added the the new Denmark 200 Krone note that issued on 19.10.2010. Until recently, I was not aware that current Danish notes issued are signed by both Nils Berstein and Torben Nielson, separately. Nils Berstein is the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Danish National Bank. The Board of Governors comprises of three (3) members, and Torben Nielson is also a board member. The third member is Jens Thomsen. Both Nils Berstein and Torben Nielson, each signed half of the new notes printed. The other signature that co signed these new notes is Lars G Sorensen. This kind of arrangement is very similar to those issued by Mexico and Bermuda, where almost everyone on the Board of Directors get a change to have their "Johnny Hancock" printed on a banknote. It should be noted that Jens Thomsen signature has also appeared on previous notes issued. So, have you got all the signature varieties for the latest issues yet? If not, you better start hunting for them now. Next new release will be the 500 krone denomination. In addition to these, I have also added the 50 and 100 Krone (2009) with signatures of Torben Nielson and Lars G Sorensen. The previous ones that I have uploaded were signed by Nils Berstein and Lars G Sorensen. Interesting concept of having two sets of signature varieties for every new issues.

November 5, 2010
Papua New Guinea - A complete set of polymer notes issued on 15.9.2010 to commemorate 35 Years of Independence (Independence Day 16.9.1975, from Australia). Unlike the two commemorative notes issued in 2009, this full set of notes are printed on polymer. As per previous commemorative released, all notes have the commemorative logo added to the notes ie 35 Anniversary 1975-2010. The design of the notes are similar to previous issues but with minor alterations. All notes are signed by the Governor Leonard Wilson Kamit and Simon Tosali (Secretary, Department of Treasury), and it should be noted that L Wilson Kamit has been replaced as the Bank Governor by Loi Martin Bakani since 9.12.2009 for a term of 7 years. Obviously that these commemorative notes were planned well in advance before the end of L Wilson Kamit term as Governor.

The first 500 sets were released in a folder and sold at a premium price. The folder provides additional features/information on each note, and the size of the folder is so large that I am not be able to scan the entire cover for displaying it here on my site. These sets all come with matching serial numbers. These limited premium edition sets are for worldwide distribution and it comes with a certificate. Generally speaking, the issue price for this set is quite expensive in my opinion, but it is still worth having one set as collection. I suppose they have justified the selling price by also providing a plastic cover for protection of the cover/album too. This is the only way to get them with AA prefix and with low serial number. Whether this premium folder release is a success or not, time will tell.

November 2, 2010
Saudi Arabia - This is a 20 Riyals issued in 2000 to celebrate the Centennial of the Saudi Kingdom. Two notes were issued for this occasion. The other note issued was the 200 Riyals which I do not have it in my collection yet. However I am hopping to get one, if I can find one at an affordable price.

October 27, 2010
Madagascar - 2000 and 5000 Ariary 2007 Commemorating Madagascar Action Plan (MAP) 2007-2012. I find this a bit curious. In case you don't, the Republic of Madagascar was once a colony of France until 26/6/1960 when they got independence. In addition to the national language of Malagasy and French, the local population also speaks English. What I find these two notes interesting is that all the wording printed are either Malagasy or French, but the commemorative overprint is in English "Madagascar Action Plan 2007-2012". I do not see these words are repeated in Malagasy or in French. Even the letter prefix is presumably in English too ie "MAP". If any one has a good explanation on this, I would like to hear about it.

October 15, 2010
Iran - 1971 Commemorative 50 and 100 Rials celebrating 2500th Anniversary of the Persian Empire.

Iran - 100 Rials commemorating 50th Year of Pahlavi Dynasty.

October 10, 2010 (a very special day)
Thailand - 1000 Baht commemorating the King's 72nd birthday. This note was issued in 1999;

Thailand - 1000 Baht 1992 issue, celebrating Queen Sirikit's 6oth Birthday;

October 9, 2010
Morocco - 50 Dirham. The is a 2009 issue commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the country central bank, Bank Al-Maghrib. I, personally find this note quite nice, and you have to see it physically to appreciate the design. The obverse of this note depicts three Kings of Morocco, both past and present, namely King Mohammed Vl, King Hassan ll and King Mohammed V.

Israel - 5 Lorit 1968. This is a must have if you are a lover of physic or science. This note was issued in 1968 and feature the world famous German born scientist, Albert Einstein. This note comes in 2 varieties, black and red serial numbers. Whilst this note has no legal tender value anymore, it is a very collectible banknote and it is still very affordable.

October 8, 2010
Thailand - 50 and 500 Baht issued in 1992 to commemorate the 90th birthday of Princess Mother.

October 5, 2010
Libya - 5 Dinar 2009. This complete my Libya 2009 prints collection all with matching signature.

October 4, 2010
Zambia - 500 Kwacha polymer 2009 print, printed by South Africa Bank Note (SABN). Same designs as those first issued in 2003, except the year date on the seal/crest and now with imprinter SABN printed on the reverse.

Zambia - 1000 Kwacha polymer 2009 print, printed by SABN.

October 1, 2010
Northern Ireland Ulster Bank - Three notes of £5, £10 and £20 all printed with year 2007. The £10 note is a replacement note with prefix "Z". I like banknotes of Ulster Bank. This is the only modern British banknotes that I do not have it in full set. How disappointing!

September 24, 2010
Philippines - 2000 Piso dated 1998, commemorating 100th year of Republic 1898 to 1998. This is rather a large note but not as large as the 100,000 Piso 'poster' note issued for the same occasion. Unfortunately this 100,000 Piso note is out of my reach even if I can find one.

September 18, 2010
Northern Ireland Northern Bank - £20 dated 6.11.2010. Same design as those printed in 2005 but with new date.

September 10, 2010
Vanuatu - 10,000 Vatu released on 28.7.2010. The note was released and coincide with Vanuatu's 30th year of Independence anniversary. Some might say this is a commemorative note, but there are no overprint or special text printed on the note. Vanuatu is the latest and 35th nation to release a plastic/polymer banknote. Note is "AA10" prefix (AA[20]10). This note has a face value of approx. USD$100, and given a small population (est. 200,000 in 2010), I am not surprised that this could be the only prefix printed for the time being. I suppose we will find out later if this is not the case, right? Other polymer denominations printed but not released yet are Vt200, Vt500, Vt1000, Vt2000 and Vt5000.

September 3, 2010
Congo Democratic Republic (formerly known as Zaire) - 500 Francs. This is a commemorative note, celebrating 50th Year of Independence. This note was given to me as a gift from a very good collector friend. Thanks Ted.

Thailand - Complete set of 2008 print all with same signatures. Thailand is reported to release new notes soon and I thought I get a current set for my collection before the arrival of the new replacements.

August 28, 2010
Thailand - 2007 One-Five-Ten Baht Se-tenant commemorative. This uncut sheet was issued on 5.12.2007 commemorating the Thai King 80th Birthday. All these Thai notes are not new to my collection. I am only uploading them now to my blogsite. More notes to come in the coming months.

Thailand - 2006 Thai King's 60th Year of Coronation.

Thailand - 2004 Thai Queen's 72th Birthday commemorative.

Thailand - 2002 100th Year of Thai Bath printing.

Thailand - Commemorative 20 Baht issued in 2002. I am not sure what the occasion was for this issue, but one will have to guess that it is related to the Armed Forces, as the young looking King is in full uniform as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. If any readers know the answer, please free free to let me know. Many thanks.

Thailand - 2000 Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Thailand - 1987 Thai King's 60th Birthday commemorative

August 27, 2010
Indonesia - Few cheap notes from my collection. These were printed in 1964 from 1 sen to 50 sen. Most collectors would have these in their collection.

Netherlands Indies - One Reopiah. This is the only note I have during the Dutch occupation.

August 14, 2010
Dominican Republic - 20 Pesos Oro polymer note dated 2009 but released on 1.7.2010. This is the first polymer note issued by Dominican Republic and the 9th nation to issue polymer/plastic notes in the American continent.

Thailand - 100 Baht commemorating 60th year of Royal Wedding anniversary. Note released on 4.5.2010. Thailand is one nation that they seem to like issuing commemorating notes commemorating the Royal family.

Papua New Guinea - 5 Kina reprint polymer note ND2009. Same design as the 2008 print except the year date.

August 7, 2010
Canada - Complete collection of all Journey series, issued since 2000 from $5 to $100. Nothing special about these notes as they are all normal uncirculated notes. The only note that I am missing right now is the 2009 $100 print, and I am hoping to get this one soon too. I wanted to collect a full Journey series set before the release of the new Polymer notes, commencing in 2011. As I do not expect the entire Polymer series to be issued in 2011, I will continue to get all new Journey reprints to ensure that I will have a full set in my collection when the switch over is completed. Happy hunting everyone!

August 5, 2010
Australia - $20 paper commemorative x 2 (Centenary of Lawrence Hargrave). Issued with red and black overprints. 5000 folders issued of which 1000 with Red overprint and 4000 with black overprint.

August 4, 2010
Australia - $50 ND1995 VG95 last prefix. If you ask any Australian collectors, they will tell you that this is one of the most difficult polymer last prefix note to find especially in aUNC or UNC condition. I got this from "a hole on the wall" and I have been keeping an eye for one of this note for my collection for quite sometime. Unfortunately, the grading for this note at best is between good to fair condition. The note is heavy circulated, however this note is now 15 years old and the condition is expected. All I want is just one and I got one finally.

August 3, 2010
Gibraltar - £10 and £50 all dated 1.1.2010, and released 8.7.2010. These are rather very nice notes, and the £50 is a very large note too. I suppose, the £100 note to be issued later would be larger too, just like those circulating £100 notes in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Mongolia - 20,000 Tugrik dated 2009. More and more Hybrid notes are expecting to be released. It's not too late if you like high value notes as there are not that many Hybrid notes issued so far.

July 24, 2010
Australia - $5 released in 1992. This is a two un-cut pair released to commemorating 25th Anniversary of Australia's $5 Note. The first $5 note was issued on 29 May 1967. This note is printed with a special prefix of "XXV" (25). As this is an uncut pair, two varieties were released. One in vertical pair (2,000 folders) and the other, horizontal pair (4,000 folders). Note posted here is the vertical pair. As for the horizontal pair, my scanner is not large enough for me to scan the note in full, and any attempt to scan part of it may damage the note. The issue price for this note was $32.50. In addition to this, it also released a 4-Uncut sheet for $65 each (2,000 folders released). No single note was released for this commemorative.

July 21, 2010
Jersey - 2010 issues from £1 to £50 all with matching serial numbers. These notes were released on 29.4.2010.

Jersey - £1 to £50 specimen notes released on 29.4.2010. A collector friend told me that only 200 of the specimen printed. If this is correct, then at least I have a set in my collection.

Great Britain - 10 Shillings note issued between 1962 to 1966 and signed by J Q Hollom. I bought this note sometime ago, quite cheap. I believe the postage was more expensive than the note.

July 8, 2010
Australia - Commemorative $20 (paper), 1997 Sir Charles Kingsford Smith commemorative note issued together with a silver $1 coin. The prefix ADK used is the last prefix of the paper notes series of Bernie/Evans signatures.

Australia - Commemorative $50 (paper), 1995 Lord Howard Florey Portfolio note issued together with pane of Lord Howard Florey 10 stamps of $2.50 each. Both note and stamps have matching serial numbers.

July 3, 2010
Australia - 1996 Annual individual folders for $5, $20 and $50 all with matching serial number AA09 000 739. Missing is the $10 unfortunately. No $100 was issued for the 1996 annual folder note.

Australia - Commemorative twenty dollars (paper) issued in 1993. This note was specially produced to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the production of Australia's first distinctive notes. The first Commonwealth note was printed in Melbourne Australia. This is the first time that a $20 is printed the serial numbers in red.

Nigeria - 20 Naira 2009 print with 6 digit serial numbers. A gift from a collector in South Korea.

July 1, 2010
Australia - has recently released the $50 ND2009 note signed by Glenn Stevens and Dr Ken Henry. The design of this note is the same as the one released last year (2008), except the year date print. Apart from the first polymer issue in 1992 and the commemorative notes issued in 1988 and 2001, this is the second time that a single normal circulating note is released in a given year. The last time happened was in 2004 and it was also the $50 note too. Based on the letter prefix printed, it appears that they have printed extra quantity to meet public demand. As expected, the first prefix is AA09 and the last prefix is SF09. Just under 532,000 pieces were printed for the last prefix note, as compared to only 49,998 pieces (MD08) in 2008. As usual, 999,999 pieces were printed for the AA09 first prefix. Given that a full set was released last year for the 2008 print, perhaps the $50 is the most popular note in term of demand and circulations among the public. Australia has been printing/reprinting polymer notes since 1992 with the exception of year 2000.


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