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5367 banknotes collected as at 15.07.2018

Guernsey - Solid Numbered Notes

Every now and then you come out with interesting finds and this makes your collections more interesting and rewarding. For me, this time, I managed to get hold of two States of Guernsey beautiful notes, both £20 denominations. It is not the notes that I managed to acquire but rather the unique serial numbers of these two notes. As you can see, the first one has a solid 9s serial numbered and the second note is the one million numbered note. Solid numbered notes are always in high demand among serious collectors and for me getting these two unique notes was purely due to good luck on my part. Both the notes posted here have the signature of Bethan Haines, who is the current States Treasurer of Guernsey. These two notes didn't cost me an arm or a leg.

Unfortunately not all good finds come with good outcome either. Technically both notes are in uncirculated condition, but given that both notes were sitting at the bottom of a brick, both notes have some flaws on it. The solid 9s note has a paper crease right across from the top edge to the bottom, and the million numbered note has a small tear of approx. 3mm on the top edge juet above the letter R (GueRnesy). If not because of these flaws, these two would be prefect. Bundles of notes are usually wrapped in plastic wrap for ease of management/control and for logistic advantages too. Because of this, most top and bottom notes get slightly damaged and in many cases you will also find banding marks on the edges too.
Solid 9s
Million numbered note
These are the only two unique notes that I have in my collection that both bear the portrait of Queen Elizabeth the Second. Regardless of the conditions of these two notes, it is nice to have them in my collection. The first series of this Bethan Haines is printed with letter C900000. The current series is now printed with letter E000000.

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