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January Postings 2016

1st January 2016 - Happy New Year to everyone!!
China - This is a 2015 commemorative note issued by the People's Bank of China, celebrating the progress and achievement of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC). This note was issued on 26.11.2015 and has a face value of RMB100. The note is measured 155mm x 77mm. A total quantity of 300,000,000 pieces were printed/released into circulation. In addition to this it also released a gold coloured coin of RMB10 (mintage 10 million pieces). CASC is a state-owned entity and was founded in 1999 with it's HQ in Beijing. Currently it employs a total work force in excess of 170,000 staffs. China's space programme started in the late 50s. On 24.4.1970, it successfully launched it's first satellite called Dong Fang Hong 1 (aka China 1 or Red East 1) into space. On the front of the note, it features the Dong Fang Hong 1 satellite, Shenzhou Ninth Airship docking with Tiangong-1 space lab and Chang'e 1 satellite. On the top right hand corner it printed with the text of China Aerospace Memorial/Commemorative "中国航纪念". The note also has the water mark of Dong Fang Hong 1. On the back, from the top, it's the Chang'e 1 satellite (an unmanned China lunar orbiting spacecraft), Heavenly Palace Space Station (2020 China space station), under carriage of a Chinese made commercial airplane (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China COMAC), a Fengru no 2 wing propeller-driven aircraft and an eastern coastal flying bird. With such a large quantity available, each person was allowed up to 10 notes and 3 coins. This is the fourth commemorative banknote ever issued by China since the formation of the People's Republic of China on 1.10.1949 by the current government. The design of this note is that it is viewed horizontally on the front and vertically on the back. Unlike the current 100 Yuan, this note is printed predominately in blue colour. At the time of this posting, we have not heard or seen any official commemorative folders or any uncut sheets for this issue yet. Those folders currently offering online are all non official issues.
Tags: China; Commemorative;

3rd January 2016
Poland - This is a set of 23 notes all in uncirculated condition issued between 1975 to 1996. This set, issued in a booklet format, titled Polish Circulation Banknotes Issued in 1975-1996 was released by the National Bank of Poland (Narodowy Bank Polski, NBP) to the public on 16.04.2015. The purpose of this issue was to celebrates the country's 20th Anniversary of the re-denomination of the old Zloty/Zlotych currency to the new Zloty at a conversion rate of 10,000 old Zloty to 1 new Zloty. The Polish word Zloty in English means Gold. The new Zloty currency was introduced on 1.1.1995. A total of 23,000 sets were issued at a price of 190 Zloty per set (approx. us$50+/-). This set of notes  comprises of a unique collection of banknotes, which also includes the Great Poles series, with denominations ranging from 10 Zloty (P142) to 2,000,000 Zloty (P163). This is also an unique opportunity to get at least one note each issued during these period, which also include the error note of 2,000,000 Zloty dated 14.08.1992 (P158a). The revised note (P158b) with the correct spelling for this denomination is also included in this set. Whilst this may be considered as a commemorative issue, the notes are not. According to the current catalogue, these notes have collector's value ranging from $1 to $250 each.
Tags: Poland; Commemorative;

9th January 2016
Tonga -  This is a full set of Pa'anga banknotes released on the 29.6.2015. This is a new serial with the new portrait of the current King Tupou Vl. These notes were released to coincide with the coronation of the King on 4.7.2015. Unlike the 2009 series, this series only come with 6 notes, without the One Pa'anga piece. I can only assumed that the One Pa'anga has been replaced by a coin. The designs of these notes are similar to the 2009 issues, except that the reverse design of the two Pa'anga has been replaced by the previous design of the one Pa'anga. In addition to this, the designs also slightly changed with raised prints on the title Kingdom of Tonga, the value and the signatures, and with shiny threads on the 2, 5 10 and 20 Pa'anga notes, watermark of the new King Tupou Vl and the denomination value on the back of each note is also smaller comparing to previous issues. Like the 100 Pa'anga, the 50 Pa'anga is also a Hybrid note. All notes printed with 3 signatures - Prime Minister (Samiuela Akilisi Pohiva), Minister of Finance (Aisake Valu Eke) and Bank Governor (Dr Ngongo Kiao). I personally believe that this whole set could be Hybrid notes. The texture on the notes are very difference from previous issues. It has a more glossy look on the surface and the notes for the lower denominations feel a bid thicker and heavier too. This is just my opinion. You can also basically considered this issue as Commemorative notes to celebrate the coronation of the country's King.
Tags: Tonga; Hybrid; Commemorative;

16th January 2016
Kazakhstan - This is a new 20,000 Tenge denomination note dated 2013 and was reportedly released on 2.12.2015. This note was printed to celebrate the country 20th Anniversary of the National Currency "Tenge" in 2013 but was not released until December 2015. It is not sure why this note was not released back in 2013. The word Tenge in Kazakh means a set of scale. The Tenge currency was first introduced in 1993 following the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 90s. This is the largest denomination currently circulating in the country. Like the current 10,000 Tenge in circulation, this note is also printed with Hybrid materials. The design format on this note is very similar to current issues. On the front, it's in vertical format whilst on the back the note is viewed in a horizontal position. As expected, a 20th Anniversary commemorative logo is printed on the back of the top left corner of the note. It is also not sure if this is a one off issue or will we be seeing reprints of this denomination without the commemorative logo later.
Tags: Kazakhstan; Hybrid; Commemorative;

17th January 2016
Nicaragua -This is a very colourful set of new series released on the 26.10.2015. This set comprises of 6 notes, all printed on polymer material with the exception of the 500 Cardobas (paper) denomination. All notes are bearing with the same signatures. The height of all notes are the same, measuring at 67mm and the width is extended by approx. 5mm each, starting with 132mm for the lowest denomination of 10 Cardobas value.
23rd January 2016
Singapore - Here I have posted/updated the Singapore $100 symbol note. It is believed that this note was first sighted back in 2014. This note posted here is printed with 2-Triangle symbol on the back and has a prefix of 2AA. This is the second print that bearing the signature of the MAS Chief Tharman Shanmugaratnam. The first issue was printed with a single Triangle symbol. I am still not quite understand how these symbols work. The single Triangle (first print) that I have was issued in 2013 and has a prefix of 2HA. This note posted here has a prefix of 2AA, issued in 2014. I have also sighted this note with 2-Triangle but with prefix of 2HB. Is there a reason or purpose of these symbols printed? It appears that they are either used in random or they are not printed in sequential order according to prefixes used. Not many collectors really care for these tiny symbols been added to the notes, but in collectors term, it should be considered as another variety to the design, just like notes having difference signatures, minor upgrades or alterations to the note. If you are a collector for Singaporean notes, one should also follow these symbol notes as well. Listed below are all Portrait notes series with/without symbols printed since it was first introduced on 9.9.1999. The vertical line separating these symbols in between represents difference signatures ie Goh Chok Tong first and then Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

$2 = none, ■, ■■, ▲, ▲▲ | ◊, ◊◊, ★
$5 = none, ■ | ▲, ▲▲,
$10 = none, ■, ■■, ▲, ▲▲, ◊, ◊◊, ★ | ⌂, ⌂Solid, ⌂⌂
$50 = none, ■, ■■ | ▲, ▲▲, ◊, ◊◊, ★,
$100 = none, ■, ■■ | ▲, ▲▲,
$1000 = none, ◊, ▲, ▲▲, ◊◊, | ★, ★★,

I keep a record of these as and when a new symbol is reported. Any reasons as to why only 4 varieties only issued for the $5 note? It must be either not a popular denomination or plenty printed in stock waiting to be released. Please note that the $10,000 denomination note is not included in the table below. Not many collectors can actually afford this note, and I am glad that they have also discontinued this series.
Tag: Singapore;

26th January 2016
Iraq - Iraqi 25,000 Dinars dated 2008. It appears that this is the only note issued in 2008. There are 5 prints for this denomination issued since 2003 (others are 2004, 2006 and 2010). This note has since been replaced by the 2013 new series. Until late 2015, the 25,000 Dinars was the largest denomination circulating in the country. The largest denomination is now the 50,000 Dinars Hybrid note.
Tag: Iraq;

31st January 2016
Malaysia - Fifty Ringgit ND2015, replacement note with ZE prefix added. A complete collection of RM50 replacement notes from ZA to ZE as at today.
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