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November Postings 2015

1st November 2015
Singapore - Back in September this year, I posted a full set of the Singapore Commemorative notes ($50 x 1 and $10 x 5) celebrating the country's Independence Golden Jubilee 1965-2015. To commemorate this special occasion, the Central Bank, in partnership with Noel Gifts of Singapore, also issued the following numismatic products (SG50 Numismatic Currency Sets) in special folders; -

S1 - $50 single note with special prefix SG50 in blue (qty 50,000) @S$85 each;
S2 - $50 sheet of 3-in-1 Uncut (qty 5,000) @S$400 each;
S3a - $10 sheet of 3-in-1 Uncut variety A (qty 50) @S$200 each;
S3b - $10 sheet of 3-in-1 Uncut variety B (qty 50) @S$200 each;
S3c - $10 sheet of 3-in-1 Uncut variety C (qty 50) @S$200 each;
S3d - $10 sheet of 3-in-1 Uncut variety D (qty 50) @S$200 each;
S3e - $10 sheet of 3-in-1 Uncut variety E (qty 50) @S$200 each;
S5 - Full set with matching serial numbers (qty 5,000) @S$300 each;
S6 - $50 single note with $5 Silver proof coin (qty 1,000) @S$300 each;
S7 - $50 single note with $50 Gold proof coin (qty 150) @S$1,400 each; and
S8 - Platinum set banknotes with $2 CN, $5 Silver and $50 Gold coins (qty 100) @S$2,000 each.

Note: S4 (si-for) was not used for product listing for obvious reason. (local superstitious, meaning not auspicious)

The above folder issues were distributed by a company called Noel Gifts International Ltd. The sales were offered to the public on a pre-order basis from 18.08.2015 to 11.09.2015. All items were sold out with the exception of item no S1. As demands exceeded supply, items S2 to S8 were placed on a balloting process to determine the lucky winners. To me, this is a much fairer system as everyone has the same equal chance of getting what they wanted, rather than the first come first basis method they did in the 2007 $20 Commemorative notes set. Those who missed out on the 2007 $20 polymer commemorative notes set will know what I meant. In that serial, the entire 10,000 folder sets were sold out within 24 hours of opening to the public.

Whilst some of the items offered were very limited, especially the $10 3-Uncut sheets, it is not sure if more will be made available to collectors at a later date. I have a feeling that the above limited editions may only referred to the numismatic items in a folder issued in this content, perhaps with the exception of the $50 note (qty 50,000). Nothing was mentioned that these are the only uncut sheets ever printed available to collectors. Additional notes may be available by itself without the folder. In general, 50 sheets of 3-Uncut for the $10 note is very low especially for such an importance celebration. I am sure many local collectors would be very disappointed for not getting at least one piece. If you managed to get one at cost, then you are a very lucky person. Time will tell if we will see more of these at a later date. For the sake of the collectors, I hope we will.

Here I have posted the $50 single folder note. The design for this note is the same as those normal issue except that it has a special prefix of SG50 and the vertical serial numbers are printed in blue instead of brown colour. At the moment, the price for this issue is still very affordable if you can't get one directly from the distributor. At the time of my posting, this folder is still available for sale at Noel Gifts.
Tags: Singapore; Polymer: Commemorative;

2nd November 2015
Singapore - Here is another numismatic product issued to commemorate Singapore Independence Golden Jubilee 1965-2015. A total of 5000 sheets were offered to the public at an issue price of S$300 per sheet/folder. This $50 3-Uncut sheet is also printed with the special prefix/serial number of SG50 in blue and gold/brown colours (normal notes printed with just gold/brown colour and not with SG50 prefix). Based on the total single notes issued ie S1 (50,000), S2 (15,000), S5 (5,000), S6 (1,000), S7 (150) and S8 (100), which give us a grand total of 71,250 individual notes. However, I have sighted a single note with serial number commencing 090000+. In view of this, one can arguably say that at least 100,000 pieces were printed, unless the serial numbers used for this series were not printed in sequential order from say #000001 to #071250. Here I have not included those rejected notes that may have errors or flaws during the manufacturing process as I do not have such information with me. It is also not known if any replacement prefix is used either, however, if these notes were printed by NPA, then one would not expect any. From the above, it is fair to say that only come to the conclusion that only 71,250 notes (including the 3 Uncut Sheets) were sold by Noel Gifts International Limited in various presentation folders. MAS may have retained certain quantity, either for their archive or to be sold, most likely via public auction, at a later date. Such notes would have low and fancy serial numbers printed on it, perhaps also including other uncut sheet varieties ie full sheet, half sheet, 8 uncut sheet etc. Your guess is as good as mine!
Tags: Singapore; Polymer; Commemorative;

4th November 2015
Poland - This 20 Zloty Commemorative note was issued on 24.08.2015 to celebrate the 600th birth of Jan Dlugosz (b.1.12.1415-19.05.1480). During his life time, Jan Dlugosz was a historian, medieval writer, geographer and diplomat. Quantity issued 30,000 sets at a price of 72 Zloty each. This note comes with a simple card folder. Unlike previous issue, this note is printed on paper not polymer. The issue price has also gone up too, as compared to previous 20 Zolty 2014 Commemorative note celebrating the Centenary of the formation of the Polish Legions. This note was sold for 60 Zloty each. I am not sure why this banknote was printed on paper material. Anyway, given that this is a commemorative issue at a premium of 40 Zloty, one would not expect to see this note to going into general circulation and for that, I would preferred a paper banknote than a polymer.
Tags: Poland; Commemorative;

8th November 2015
Slovenia - Here is a set of 3 Commemorative notes (P25, P26 & P27) issued in 2001 to celebrate the country's 10th Anniversary of it's Central Bank, Bank of Slovenia (Banka Slovenije). Slovenia was formerly one of the 6 States that made up the nation of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Slovenia gained independence on 25.06.1991. The declaration of independence also let to a 10-Day War (aka Weekend War) fought between Slovenia and the Yugoslavia People's Army. This war also led to the beginning of the breaking up of Yugoslavia between other member States. Following independence, Slovenia established it's own Central Bank and commenced issuing it's own currency, called Tolar. On 01.05.2004, Slovenia joined the EU and in 2007 adopted the Eurosystem and replaced it's own currency with the Euro. The designs for these 3 notes posted here are the same as those issued earlier but with the following Commemorative text added to the watermark area of the notes - Banka Slovenije 1991-2001. This is a limited issue with the following quantities printed; 100 Tolarjev (dated 15.01.1992 - 10,000 pieces); 1000 Tolarjev (dated 15.01.2000 - 5,000 pieces) and 10,000 Tolarjev (15.01.2000 - 1,000 pieces). The signatures on all the notes are not the same. All notes posted here  have matching last 3 digit serial numbers. This set also issued in a simple green folder presentation for collectors and is restricted to 1,000 sets only. In another word, to get the 10,000 Tolarjev note, one will have to get them in a set like this one posted here.
Tags: Slovenia; Commemorative;

12th November 2015
Papua New Guinea - This is a 10 Kina Commemorative polymer note that was issued in July 2015 to celebrate the country hosting the 15th Pacific Games in the capital city Port Moresby. The first games were held in Fiji in 1964 and it was then known as the South Pacific Games. In 1998, it changed its name to the Pacific Games. The games were held between 14-18 July 2015 and was attended by 24 nations. For the first time both Australia and New Zealand were allowed to participate in this tournament but restricted to only four sports, mainly Rugby Sevens, Sailing, Taekwondo and Weightlifting. The decision to allow both Australia and New Zealand to take part in these games was approved by the governing board, the Pacific Games Council in 2014. The reason that only four sports were allowed as the Pacific member States feel that they are strong enough in these events to complete with both Australia and New Zealand. A total of 28 sports were involved with the host nation winning the most metals. This is the third time that Papua New Guinea have staged these games. The first time was in 1969 and then in 1991. No commemorative notes were issued in 1969 as at that time the country was still under Australia rule and was also using Australian currency. However in 1991, it issued a two Kina to celebrate this special occasion. This Pacific Games is held every 4 years with the next tournament to be held in Tonga in 2019.
Tags: Papua New Guinea; Polymer; Commemorative;

20th November 2015
Singapore -  This is the third of the 4 items that I won/bought for the Singapore SG50 Independence (50 Years of Nation-Building 1965-2015 series) commemorative series. This is a full set of the notes all with matching serial numbers of 002905. The $50 has the prefix of 50AA whilst the rest of the $10 are all printed with 5AA with 2-diamond symbol on the back. From what I understand all these are first prefix notes. I am also aware that there are $10 first prefix 5AA notes printed with only 1-diamond symbol. The $50 is the normal note and it has a star symbol printed on the back. In collection term, these are considered as varieties to the normal issues with one diamond symbol. Based on what we know, this Independence series comprises of 12 varieties - $50 with brown serial number, $50 with brown & blue serial number, $10 x 5 with one diamond symbol and $10 x 5 with 2-diamond symbol. This Identical Numbered set was sold by the central bank, Monetary Authority of Singapore, in partnership with Noel Gifts of Singapore as the distributor. Only 5,000 sets were put together for sale at a price of S$300 per set. As expected, the sales were oversubscribed and the allocation of buyers were then done via a balloting system. In general, 5,000 sets is still a lot in collectors term. This is one of the 11 items of the SG50 Numismatic Currency issued to celebrate the country's 50th year of independence. In my opinion, even the sale price was 3 times it's face value, it is still worth buying as it would be extremely hard to get all notes with matching numbers and not to mention that they are all first prefixes and all $10 printed are with 2-diamond symbol on the back. The last item that I have won was the $50 with a $5 Silver Proof coloured coin folder. However as I am not a coin collector, I decided not to have it and therefore won't be posting it here. Obviously this set is not with me but still in Singapore.
Tags: Singapore; Polymer; Commemorative;

22nd November 2015
Guernsey - Guernsey £10 (ND2015) note bearing the signature of Bethan Haines. This is the fourth note issued with her signature on it. The first was the 2009 £20 note reprint, then followed by the 2012 commemorative note of £20 (QEll Diamond Jubilee) and in 2013 the £1 Commemorative (200th Anniversary of Thomas de la Rue commercial venture). The £1 and £10 notes were signed as States Treasurer whilst the rest as Chief Accountant. This is the second reprint note issued, not for commemorative purposes, bearing her signature for general circulation. The story goes that when Bethan Haines first got appointed to the Chief Accountant role, her mother was not too impressed with this until she was told that her daughter's signature will be appearing on all new Guernsey pound banknotes issued going forward. It is a great feeling to pay for all goods and services in cash with your daughter's signature on it. I believe the first prefix for this denomination is letter F and followed by the digit 6 (ie first note is F600001). In another word, the serial number of this note that I have uploaded is 00333. The 2012 £20 that I have also has the serial number of 00333, thus making these two notes as identical numbered notes.
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26th November 2015
Tonga - This is a 10 Pa'anga reprint from the 2009 series. I believe this note was issued in 2014 or even earlier. At this stage, I am not sure if the T$20, T$50 and T$100 were also printed. It would be interesting to find out, given that new designs and full set of banknotes were released end of July 2015.
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