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March Postings 2015

1st March 2015
Northern Ireland Ulster Bank Limited - £10 and £20 notes both printed with the date of 1.1.2014. These are the only two notes issued with this date sighted so far. With all four major banks issuing banknotes in Northern Ireland, it is not surprised that not all denominations are printed on an annual basis by any of the four major banks. The last £10 and £20 issued by the Ulster Bank were both dated 3.1.2012. This £20 note was released in early 2014. However I am not sure about the £10 note. The design for these notes changed little since the 60s, despite the ownership of the bank changed hands few times since then. Apart from Northern Ireland, only Scotland, Hong Kong and Macau where local banknotes are still issued by commercial banks. The signature on these notes are signed by the bank's Chief Executive, Jim Brown.
Tag: Ulster Bank Northern Ireland

6th March 2015
Saint Helena - With the recent released of the 2012 reprints of £10 and £20, so does the specimen notes too. Here are the two specimen notes for the £10 and £20 printed with new date of 2012 and new signatures released in 2014. Saint Helena is a British Overseas Territory located remotely in the South Atlantic Ocean. The currency of Saint Helena is at parity with the British pound sterling. Saint Helena was once the home of Napoleon Bonaparte (b. 1769-1821) from 1815 to until his death in 1821. He was exiled by the British government to this island following the defeat of the French at the Battle of Waterloo. Bonaparte died on the island on 5.5.1821, aged 51 (his remains were returned to France in 1840 and entombed in a crypt under the dome of Les Invaildes in Paris). These reprint notes are all signed by the members of the Currency Board of Saint Helena. The board comprises of four members (Commissioners). The facsimile signatures on these notes are Andrew Wells, Paul Blessington, Anthony Kilner and Gillian Francis. The Currency Board was established in 1976 and the role of the Commissioners are to meet on a regular basis to discuss proposals relating to the issue of all new bank notes, circulation and commemorative coins. The specimen quantity issued is not known but based on last issues, it would expected to be around 300 pieces, after all there is only one commercial bank in Saint Helena and also there are no major changes to the designs of these notes too. Therefore it is unlikely that more than 300 pieces were printed, in my opinion.
Tag: Saint Helena 

8th March 2015
Madagascar - 2000 Ariary Hybrid note. Here I have added the second Hybrid note issued by Madagascar. Like the 500 Ariary, this note was first reported in late 2014, but I am not sure when these were actually released as there is no change in designs on the notes. The first prefix/suffix for this note was reported to be B/P.
Tags: Madagascar; Hybrid 

14th March 2015
Venezuela - 100 Bolivares 1980 Commemorative. 150th Anniversary of the death of Simon Bolivar. Simón José Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad Bolívar y Palacios Ponte y Blanco (1783-1830) was a military and political leader. During his life time, he was involved in the independence of many northern South American nations from the Spanish Empire. Today he is considered as one of the most influential politicians in the history of the South America. He died at the relative young age of 47 from tuberculosis.
Tags: Venezuela; Commemorative

15th March 2015
Indonesia - A full set of the 2014 issue. The design of these notes will be re modified slightly with new name/wordings added and title etc and will be released on stages with the first note (100,000 Rupiah) already released on 17.08.2014. This current series was first introduced in the year 2000 (1000 Rupiah), and then followed by the 5000 Rupiah in 2001. The 2000 Rupiah was then added (new denomination) in 2009 and the 1000 Rupiah was discontinued in 2010. In addition to this, I have also updated the 10000 Rupiah 2007 issues and also the 1000, 5000 and 50000 Rupiah for the 2009 issues
Tags: 2014 (Old), 2007: 2009

20th March 2015
Kyrgyzstan - 100 and 200 Som 2014 Commemorative.
*100 Som - This is a commemorative note released on the 20.10.2014 commemorating the 150th anniversary of the outstanding Kyrgyz bard, composer and komuzista, Toktogul Satylganov. The note for this commemorative issue is the same as the 2009 note issues but with an overprint of a goldish profile of Toktogul Satylganov with a commemorative inscription of "ТоктогулгA 150 ЖЬІЛ" (printed on the white background of the watermark area. The serial number for this issue commenced with TC150 and then followed by a 4 digit number from 0001 to 3000. Only 3000 folders issued and this note is legal tender in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.
*200 Som - This is a 200 Som commemorative note issued on 20.10.2014 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the famous Kyrgyz poet, playwright and translator Alykul Osmonova. The note for this commemorative issued is the same as the 100 Som note printed in 2010 but with added logo/text of a golden peotic plume on the white watermark area with the inscription of "Aльікул Осмоновго 100 жЬіл" (Alykul Osmonov - 100 years). The serial number for this note commenced with "AO" prefix and only 3000 folders are issued with numbers ranging from 0000001 to 0003000. This note is legal tender in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Tags: Kyrgyzstan; Commemorative

24th March 2015
New Zealand - Three notes from the 2014 prints. I believe these are the only polymer notes issued with this year date. There are no change to the designs since it was first issued in 1999. The signature on these notes belong to the Governor, Graeme Wheeler.
Tags: New Zealand; Polymer

28th March 2015
Mauritania - 1000 Ouguiya. This is the first polymer note issued by Mauritania and is dated 28.11.2014. The note was issued in late December 2014. The news on this new note was first announced on 4.12.2014.
Tags: Mauritania; Polymer;

29th March 2015
Hungary - Four notes posted here all dated 2010. The notes are 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 Forint. All notes are in UNC condition.
Tags: Hungary

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