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5367 banknotes collected as at 15.07.2018

December Postings 2014 (Merry Christmas)

1 December 2014
Scotland Clydesdale Bank plc - £5 (P218b) and £20 (P221a) both signed by Frank Cicutto. These are the only two notes signed by Frank Cicutto when he was then the CEO of Clydesdale Bank (a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Australia Bank Group). After his posting at the Clydesdale Bank, he returned to National Australia Bank Ltd in Australia and rose to the position of the CEO in 1999. After 37 years of service with the bank, on 2.2.2004 he resigned from his CEO post and left the bank. I have these notes for few years now, just waiting in the queue to be uploaded onto my blog. I believe, unfortunately, that these two notes that I have posted here are not in UNC condition. The £5 note seem to be in aUNC at best and the £20 is EF+ condition. It is a pity that they are not in UNC condition.

6 December 2014
Venezuela - This is a full set of Bolivar Fuerte (strong bolivar) first released on the 1.1.2008. All notes are printed with the date of 30.03.2007. These notes replaced the original Bolivar at a rate of 1 Bolivar Fuerte (new) for 1000 Bolivares (old). The new notes were issued as a currency reform to counter high inflation in the country. The Venezuela government since 2003 has strict control on its currency exchange rates involving both imports and exports as well as amount of cash one can take out of the country. This set of notes is getting a bit expensive, especially the 50 Bolivar Fuerte. Other denominations are still very affordable and plenty to offer by many dealers.

8 December 2014
Pakistan - Five Rupees 1997 independence commemorative. It appears that this is the only Pakistan banknote ever issued as a commemorative note. This is a 1997 dated note issued to celebrate the country Golden Jubilee Independence. The note is printed with the years 1947-1997 commemorative year date. Pakistan was once part of India, ruled by the British Empire until it obtained independence on 14.08.1947. The country was then divided into West Pakistan and East Pakistan with India in between. On 16.12.1971, after a brief civil war (about 9 months) East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) successfully broke away from West Pakistan rules with the support of India and became an independence nation. This commemorative note depicts the portrait of Mohammed Ali Jinnah (b 25.12.1876 - 11.09.1948) who was the country first Governor General following independence. Mohammed Ali Jinnah was a British trained lawyer, politician and of course the father of the nation. His birthday is observed as a national holiday in Pakistan.

12 December 2014
Bhutan - Posted here are 3 Bhutanese notes all issued in 2000. These notes are 10, 50 and 100 Ngultrum (P22, 24 and 25 respectively). I have these notes quite a while now. These notes are quite ordinary and as such not expensive.

18 December 2014
Solomon Islands - 2009 to 2011 issues signed by DH Rarawa & S Fanega. As the country has commenced releasing new series of banknotes since late 2013, these are the current and will be the last series of notes to be replaced eventually. Here, I have posted all notes except the $50 piece as I am not sure if this was printed. As I do not have the information, any readers out there can please let me know if any was printed as I am keen to get one to complete this collection. I enjoy collecting them in full set rather than odd ones, unless the high end value note is too expensive.

21 December 2014
Indonesia - Here are some updates of notes printed for 2002, 2003 and 2005 issues. These notes, 10000, 20000 and 50000 Rupiah, were printed for the previous series, but were issued together with the current issues with other denominations. I have posted these here together with the current series to group them all according to the year of issued. By grouping them this way is easier for me to post them here. These notes are larger in size and I personally find these designs are much better looking than the current one.

25 December 2014
Israel - 50 New Sheqalim (P58) commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the formation of the State of Israel. The State of Israel was founded on 14.05.1948. The declaration of the State of Israel was proclaimed by David Ben-Guion (1886-1973), whom he also later served as the first Prime Minister of the newly found nation. The note used for this commemorative is the same as those previous 1985 issued except that the serial number is in 5 digits and is printed vertically on the front close to the left hand side edge, whilst previous issues have the serial numbers printed on the reverse side of the note.

26 December 2014
Malaysia - This is a 5 Ringgit 1995 error note in circulated condition. The print on the back of the note has been missed aligned to the left. The denomination of $5 on the back should be printed on the right hand side and not as shown on the scan. This note was printed by Canadian Banknotes Company (CBNC). Of all the 5 Ringgit printed by various printers for this series, this 5 Ringgit was printed very badly, especially the portrait of the late King.

28 December 2014
Indonesia - More Indonesia updates posted here. The notes added here are the 2008, 2011 and 2013 prints.
*1) 2008 - two notes added here. These are the 5000 (2001/2008) and 100000 Rupiah (2004/2008) reprints. These two notes complete my 2008 set;
*2) 2011 - 50,000 Rupiah 2005/2011 reprint. To me, this is by far the most elusive note of the Indonesia 2011 prints. I have been looking for this piece to complete my 2011 collection for a while and here is it now. I have now added to my previous post. This is not a rare note but many collectors (outside Indonesia) would not be aware that the 50,000 Rupiah 2011 print comes in two varieties. In addition to these, three notes, 20000, 50000 and 100000 rupiah were also printed with the year date of 2011. The design of these three notes are slightly difference from those issued earlier. These 3 notes were all printed with double symbols such as Rectangles (20000 Rupiah), Triangles (50000 Rupiah) and Circles (100000 Rupiah) on the left hand side of the notes, whilst the one that I have uploaded today has none of these symbols. Additional omron rings (or champagne bubles) were also been added to these 3 notes, including minor changes to the background (design/colour) on the front on each of these notes. Despite this 50000 Rupiah note is not rare, not many dealers are selling them, or perhaps they too were not aware of the two varieties existed. This note now complete my 2011 reprints collection;
*3) 2013 - 100000 Rupiah 2004/2013. Previous posting comprises of a full set. This is a variety of the 2013 reprint with a difference signature. I am just wondering if other denominations were printed too as the signatures for the 2013 prints are not all the same.

31 December 2014
Malaysia - This is the last for year 2014. This is an update on my previous posting of One Ringgit 2012 fourth series. This is the latest One Ringgit replacement Polymer note known to collectors with ZD replacement prefix. Generally speaking, these low value replacement are quite affordable as many of these were issued by the bundle, however the replacement note with ZB prefix commands a very high premium at the moment. I am not sure what the quantity were printed but judging by the high price asking, it must be not that many. Many of these also went into normal circulation.In general, replacement notes would command a high premium if it was an insert replacement. Most polymer replacement notes are issued by the bundles, as having them inserted individually to the normal notes can be time consuming and may not be cost effective too.

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