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5367 banknotes collected as at 15.07.2018

August Postings 2014

1st August 2014
Great Britian - Five Pounds Commemorative 1997. This is a numismatic commemorative issue, released by the Bank of England and the Royal Mint with a five pounds note and a five pounds coin. This commemorative issue was released in 1997 to celebrate the Queen Elizabeth the Second and Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh's 50th Wedding Anniversary. The five pounds note is printed with a special cypher of HM50 in honour of this special occasion and will not be produced for general circulation. The design of the banknote was the same as those circulating notes at that time except that it has a special cypher HM50. The coin issued together with this note is a five pounds crown are in UNC/BU condition. This coin is the fourth in a sequence of commemorative five-pound coins. A total of 5000 sets were issued for this special occasion.

4th August 2014
Jamaica - Posted here are full set of notes printed and issued between 2007 to 2009, which also included the J$5,000 Hybrid denomination that I have previously uploaded in the Hybrid notes section. For more brief details on Hybrid notes can be found by clicking here. These notes uploaded here are all signed by the central bank Governor Derick Milton Latibeaudiere. Latibeaudiere was appointed to the Governor role on 1.4.1996. He resigned from his job on 30.10.2009 following a loan scandal.

8th August 2014
North Korea - This commemorative set of notes were issued to celebrate 100th year of the birth of President Kim Il-sung. Kim Il-sung (15.4.1912 to 8.7.1994) ruled North Korea from 8.9.1948 until his dealth in 1994. His birth name was Kim Song-ju and in 1935 adopted the name of Kim Il-sung, meaning 'becoming the sun'. Kim Il-sung was the leader of North Korea since it was established in 1948 until his death. Between 1948 to 1972, he held the post of Prime Minister and from 1972 to 1994 as President of North Korea. Following his death, he was succeded by his son Kim Jong-il (b. 1941-2011). The senior Kim, according to officail records, was born in a small village in Mangyongdae (then called Namni). The reverse side of the 5000 Won shows the birth place of Kim.

14th August 2014
Malaysia - Posted here is the RM50 with prefix ZD replacement note. This is my latest collection for this series. This is the forth series of the Malaysian banknotes, and was first released in early 2008 (circulating type) to commemorate the country's 50th independence. In 2009, a revised version of this note was issued, with the commemorate logo/text removed, was introduced. The replacement prefix for this series commenced with ZB.   

15th August 2014
Australia - 2013 full set. This is a full set reprints of all denominations from $5 to $100 (5 notes). All notes bear the facsimile signatures of Glenn Stevens (Governor) and Dr Martin Lee Parkinson (Secretary To The Treasury, appointed since 7.3.2011). It should be noted that this is the first time that these signatures combination are printed on the $20 and $100 denominations. This is also the first time a normal full set of notes were printed for a given year since 2008, and the forth full set since 1996.

18th August 2014
Malaysia - One Ringgit Polymer. I have today added the RM1 polymer second reprint last prefix of EF to the post. The first print for this polymer series are with prefixes from AA to DD, The second print prefixes are from DF to EF. The prefix of DE was not used. There are minor differences on these two prints, mainly the denomination of One on the front and the horizontal bar on the bottom left corner. White lines are added to the designs.

23rd August 2014
Scotland - The Royal Bank of Scotland limited edition £5 Commemorative bank note. This is a new commemorative note of £5 issued celebrating the return of the Ryder Cup (Golf) competition to Scotland. The Ryder Cup is a prestigious biennial men’s golf competition held between teams from Europe and the United States. The competition was first started at Gleneagles Golf Club in Perthshire, Scotland in 1921. This year is the 40thedition of the Ryder Cup competition and it will also be held at Gleneagles in Scotland between 23-28 September 2014. This tournament also celebrates the return of the competition to "The Home of Golf" for the second time since its inception in 1921. The new note is dated 22.09.2014 but was released on 14.07.2014 to collectors. For the first time in Great Britain, this note is printed on a Hybrid paper material by the German company, Giesecke & Devrient (G&D). The design of the note also includes a see through window in the shape of the Ryder Cup. This note also bears the first signature of the bank's Chief Executive Officer Ross Maxwell McEwan (a Kiwi). CEO McEwan was appointed to the role on 1.10.2013, replacing previous CEO Stephen Hester (resigned December 2013). This commemorative bank note is not meant for general circulation and this note that I have posted was sold in a pack at a premium which also include a special Collector Folio with Certificate of Authenticity and a historical narrative. The note is sealed in a protective lens to preserve it's pristine condition for future generations. However ticket holders to the competition can also exchange the new note at face value. A total of 500,000 notes have been printed, however the quantity issued in packs will depends on the demand. It should be noted that this is the third time that RBS has released a commemorative note related to golf. The first two notes were the 2004 £5 commemorating The Royal Ancient Gold Club of St Andrew and 2005 £5 Jack Nicklaus last appearance at the British Opens. Despite the promotional launched by the bank for this commemorative note, this is not the first Hybrid note issued in Europe. In fact, this is forth Hybrid note ever issued in Europe, after Bulgaria (2005), Latvia (2007) and Gibraltar (2011). None of notes issued will be available for distribution at any of the RBS bank branches in Scotland. However if you are a golf enthusiastic and intend to attend the tournament at Gleneagles, then you can get these notes at face value there.

24th August 2014
Bosnia-Herzegovina - One Maraka issued in 1989. The SCWPM has listed this note as P59a. This is a rather cheap note, and this is also the only Bosnia-Herzegovina banknote I have in my collection since the end of the Bosnia war in 1995. The war started in 1992, and it went on for 3 years, eight months, 1 week and 1 day.

27th August 2014
Slovenia - A couple of odd notes here. 100 Talorjer 1992 (P31a) and 500 Talorjer 500 2005 (P16c). Both notes are in UNC condition. I always believe that getting a full set is more enjoyable, but in this case, I have no such luck yet.

30th August 2014
Honduras - Twenty Lempiras 2008 Polymer. I have updated this issue by adding two other prefixes of BP and BQ. Whilst only three prefixes reported, this issue also comes with two signatures variety. Both the BP and BQ notes have the same signatures while 2 signatures on the BR note are new. 

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