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5367 banknotes collected as at 15.07.2018

September Postings 2013

PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGE OR LINK TO VIEW THE NOTE(S) ON BOTH SIDES - all notes posted on this site came from the actual notes. 

1 September 2013 - Guernsey £1 Commemorative note released on 4.7.2013. This note was issued to celebrate Guernsey's world famous son, Thomas de la Rue (TDLR) 200th year of his first commercial venture. TDLR was born in La Foret, Guernsey in 1793 and founded the De La Rue plc in London, a printing company which is now the world's largest commercial security printer and papermaker. He retired from the company in 1858 and died in London England in 1866. This issue is limited to only 300,000 pieces and has a special letter prefix of TD/LR. This is also the first series of the £1 note to feature the signature of Bethan Haines (States Treasurer). Her signature also features on the existing £20 note, as well as the 2012 Queen's Diamond Jubilee commemorative note (also a £20 note).

4 September 2013 - Philippines 50 Piso St Pedro Calungsod Canonisation 1673-2012 Commemorative. San Pedro Calungsod was born in 1654 and died as a martyr in Guam on 2.4.1672. He was also known as San Pedro Calungsod de Cebu and was officially canonised by Pope Benedict XVI at saint peter's Basilica in Vatican on 21.10.2012. It's incredible that the Central Bank keeps churning out commemorative notes just like minting new postage stamps and coins solely for numismatic purposes.

8 September 2013 - Australia 1994 Embossed Commemorative First and Last folder. Total sets issued 5,000 and was then sold for $129 per folder. This set comprises of 2 notes, one paper from the last print run and one polymer from the new print with AA94 first prefix. The paper note is printed with the last prefix of ADK. The folder for the notes are printed with a raised oval seal and it reads as "31 OCTOBER 1994 FIRST DAY OF ISSUE". Initial issue price was $66.

12 September 2013 - Malawi 2012 Issues Full Set. This set comprises of 20 to 1000 Kwacha (6 notes) and all dated 1.1.2012. Unlike the previous issues where John Chilembwe was the main feature on the front, this series features various leaders/well known people of the country. This full set of notes were released to the public for circulation on 23.05.2012.

14 September 2013 - Australia 1996 Annual 'Dated' Folder Set. This is a full set comprises of 5 notes from $5 to $50. Whilst the $100 note was issued in May 1996, this set was released prior to the issuranece of the $100 new note and as such the $100 note was not included in this series. This set were all issued individually in a folder with quantity varies for all denominations, however only 5000 complete full sets were issued. These notes are all printed with the prefix of 'AA96'. I have now completed my collection for the Annual Deluxe Folder sets, from 1994 to 1999. Annual 'Dated' sets were released by NPA (both Premium and Deluxe editions) between 1994 to 1999).

15 September 2013 - Jamaica 4 notes 1977 Collectors set series with notes of $1, $2, $5 and $10. These were issued in a folder together with a Certificate of Authenticity. The design of this set is the same as those issued earlier (P54 to P57) in the 70s except that the serial numbers are all matching and is printed with a Star prefix. These notes are also printed with "Series 1977". Standard Banknotes catalogue has given this set with a reference of CS2 but didn't provide any details as to why they were issued. However the Certificate of Authenticity stated that these were collector's series and only 5000 sets released as collector's item. By any standard, this is not many and yet it is still very affordable after all these years. The original issue price was $30 per set.

19 September 2013 - Dominican Republic - 10 and 20 Pesos Oro  Two notes both dated 2001. Pick catalogue reference numbers P165 and P166. These are the only two notes for this given year that I have. These notes are fairly cheap too.

22 September 2013 - Latvia 5 and 20 Latu (Lati) 2009 prints. I believe the Latvia currency is still the strongest currency in Europe, even stronger than the British pounds and the Euro dollar of course. Other currencies stronger than the Latu are Oman Rial, Bahrain Dinar and Kuwait Dinar. Unfortunately, as Latvia is a member of the EU community since 1.5.2004, the country is planning to adopt the Euro currency in 2014. It's a pity that we are loosing another currency to the Euro.

25 September 2013 - Australia 1988 $10 polymer 4-uncut block sheet commemorative This note was issued to celebrate 200th year of the first British settlement in Australia (1788-1988). Some interesting facts here about this uncut sheet. Together with the 4-uncut strip, half and full sheets, a total of 4,500 sheets were printed. Out of this, a total of 3,600 pieces (80% - sheets, blocks and strips) were sold at tender and bought by a dealer from Sydney. The remaining 900 pieces (20%) were retained by the bank. Of the 900 pieces, a total of 531 sheets, blocks and strips were then sold to senior bank staff at a price of $50 (127 x blocks or 316 x strips), $150 for half sheet (x 44) and $300 for full sheet (x 44). These uncut sheets were released in January 1989, one year after the circulating notes were released. There are no shortage in supply for these sheets judging by the amount of availability in the market, especially for the 4-Uncuts and the half sheets.

28 September 2013 - Indonesia 2008 prints. Few notes posted here but not a full set. Only 4 notes posted. Missing are the 5,000 and 100,000 Rupiah notes. I have not checked if these were also issued in 2008. I am sure they were.

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