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this site follows the time zone of Kirimati (previously known as Christmas Island), Kiribati, the first to see the rising sun.

5420 banknotes collected as at 25.12.2018

Something about myself:-
I have been collecting banknotes (also at one time including postage stamps, FDCs, coins etc) for many years now. However, my banknotes collection didn’t pick up until the early-90s and also later the convenience of Internet that really escalated my collections. Apart from this, I am also interested in photography too, but only at amateur level. In term of my photography hobby, I have a Yashica TLR 635 (almost in mint condition), a Yashica Mat 124G, two Nikon SLRs and three digital cameras.

February 2011

Show and Tell
Latvia 500 Lats Replacement Note
Any viewers who is interested to exchange banknotes with me, please feel free to contact me. Ta!

February 26, 2011
Philippines - 50 Piso Commemorative. Note issued to commemorate the Centennial Birth of President Sergio Osmena. Sergio Osmena was born on 9.9.1978 in Cebu. At the time of his birth, his mother Juana Osmena y Suico was only 14 years old. The Osmena family came from a prominent clan of Chinese-mestizo heritage. Sergo Osmena was President of the Republic of Philippines between 1944 to 1946. He took over the Presidency following the death of President Manuel L Quezon. Sergio Osmena died of both liver failure and breast cancer on 19.10.1961. He was 83 years old.

Singapore - Ship series 1987 to 1999. Almost the complete set. Missing are the $100 P23b (no exposed security thread) signed by Dr Hu Tsu Tau, and of course that S$10,000 note too.

February 25, 2011
Philippines - 50 Piso 1999 commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Central Bank.

February 19, 2011
Canada - $100 printed in 2009. This note has the signatures of Jenkins and Carney. The note is posted at the bottom of the post.

Oman - 5 Rials 2000 print. I bought a full set of the Omani Rials 2000 prints in November 2010, but the seller sent me the wrong 5 Rials note. Instead the seller sent me the one printed in 1995. This 5 Rials note posted is to complete the series.

Jamaica - J$5000 Hybrid note. Just added a scan of the note with "AB" prefix.

Brunei - $10 dated 2008 polymer. New and latest know date note. Second note from the top.

February 16, 2011
Chile - 2000 Pesos dated 2009 but released on 17.11.2010. This is a new design of the 2000 denomination as compared to previous issue, which was also a polymer note.

February 11, 2011
Ghana - Two Cedis. This note celebrated the Centenary birth of Dr Kwame Nkrumah. He was born on the 21.9.1909 and died on 27.4.1972. Between 1957 to 1960, he was the first Prime Minister of Ghana and between 1960 to 1966 the first President of Ghana. In February 1966 while on state visit to North Korea and China, his government was overthrown by a military coupe led by Emmanuel Kwasi Kotoka and the National Liberation Council. He never returned to Ghana and lived in exile in Conakry, Guinea. In 1971 he then went to Bucharest Romania for medical treatment and in February 1972 died of skin cancer in Bucharest at the age of 62. In Ghana, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is named after him.

Great Britain - £10 Millennium Folder note issue. As this note was not listed on SCWWPM, I was not aware of this note until recently. This note was issued to celebrate the millennium year. This note has a same design as P385. Now you might want to know how can one tell if this is millennium issue? Well, the only way one can tell is from the serial number. In order to differential from those already released, this note is specially printed with a prefix of YR00 and follow by 00xxx. As a commemorative issue, this note was released in a folder and a certificate of authentication. Only 1500 folders issued, thus making this a very special and unique note.

February 9, 2011
China - 50 Yuan 1999 commemorative. This is nothing new as I have this note for quite a while now. This note was issued to commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Peoples' Republic of China. The Republic was established on 1.10.1949 following the defeat of the Nationalist Kuomintang Government let by the late Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek after a long and bitter civil war. Price for this note has gone up the roof, just like many other Chinese banknotes.

February 7, 2011
Laos - A common 1957 100 Kip note which is quite popular among the collectors mainly due to the colourful design of this note, and it's still very affordable too. I have this note in my collection for many years now.

February 4, 2011
Australia - This is a pair of $50 released in 1995 to mark the end of the $50 paper note and the beginning of the polymer series. Both notes are signed by Bernie Fraser and Ted Evans. Both notes have red serial numbers and an overprint date of "4 October 1995" imprinted on the back of the polymer note. The interesting about this paper note is that, not only did it features red serial numbers, but also for the first and only time that the serial numbers format of AA95 is used. All previous paper notes issued were printed with the 3 letters prefix. One thousand sets printed but only 900 sets were issued to the public with the first 100 sets retained by the Reserve Bank.

Libya - 10 Dinars ND1972. Large size note measuring 192mm x 95mm.

February 1, 2011
Latvia - This is a Hybrid 500 Lats note printed in 2008 and released on 19.1.2009. This is the largest denomination note currently circulating in Latvia, however I am surprised to see that given the denomination value, the size of this note is relatively small as compared to other countries banknotes. On a closer look at this note, I also noticed there is a slight difference in the manufacturing of this Hybrid note as compared to the 100 Lats issued in 2007. The vertical translucent band on the 100 Lats appears to be placed on top of the note whilst for this 500 Lats note, it looks like this band is embedded into the paper material (note) just like the security thread used on the note. As Latvia is now part of the EU community, it is also believed that the country will adopt the Euro by 2014.

Laos - 100000 kip celebrating 450th year of the nation's capital Vientiane, 15.11.1560 to 15.11.2010 and also 35th Anniversary of National Day. The design of the note depicts the statue of Chao Xaysettha, the founder of Vientiane. Accordingly, this note was also released on 15.11.2010 to celebrate this special occasion. According to official press release, this note was not meant for circulation fearing that such a high denomination note may let to high inflation in the country. It was also reported that only 1.5M pieces were printed for this note.


Aleks banknote collector said...

500 Lats - Very beautiful and high value banknote, on obverse
Latvian girl in folk costume - Milda the goddess of love and of freedom.

me said...

Thanks Aleks. Thanks for dropping by.