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5367 banknotes collected as at 15.07.2018

Exchange Message

Dear Collectors,

As we all know that exchanging banknotes is the cheapest way of improving your collection. Since creating my own site, I have successfully exchanged my banknotes with many collectors around the world.

Whilst I welcome any collectors to contact me for a possible deal, however it is not always that I will accept your offers due to the following reasons; -

a) I already have the notes or have arranged to get them from another collector;
b) I am not looking for such notes;
c) I am only interested in Uncirculated notes; or
d) The amount of the proposal is too small due to high postage cost in posting my notes out to you via registered mail.

In most cases, I find collectors only willing to exchange notes of their own country and in return looking for uncirculated banknotes around the world. I am sorry to say that I don’t operate this way as this is just like you are buying foreign banknotes from me with your own local currency at face value. If you are offering your local national banknotes, then be prepared to accept banknotes from my own country too.

The following are some of my rules of exchanging: -

1) I am primarily interested in banknotes of any countries, with the exceptions of US dollar and Euro;

2) If you are only offering your country’s banknotes, then please be prepared to accept banknotes of my country too;

3) In some cases I may be willing to allow whatever notes you desire from my listing but if there is a shortfall in your favour, then I expect the balance to be covered with Australian banknotes;

4) All my notes, both Australia and foreign, are offered at face value unless otherwise stated. I expect you to do the same too. I generally do not exchange my notes based on catalogue value, as what is catalogue value to you may not be the catalogue value to me;

5) I am only interested in current issues of banknotes. However if you are willing to offer previous issue of notes at face value, I welcome that too;

6) The notes I am looking for must be in uncirculated condition, such as free from any folds, teller flicks, creases, marks, and more importantly it has nice, clean and sharp corners;

7) Please be honest with the condition of your notes. I have accepted some less that perfect notes in the past, but I will reserve the right to return your notes if there are not what it was described in the first place. Any minor defect on the note should be mentioned upfront before posting them out to me. You can do the same to me if I have breached this understanding. Generally I do accept notes with "cutting cup mark" especially those located on the top edge where the security thread is in bedded;

8) Due to high cost of postage, and if possible, I like to get your notes in full set, provided the total amount is not too expensive;

9) I usually post my notes to you via registered mail. However if the amount involved is small, then I will post them out to you via normal air mail. I will let you to decide on this before concluding our agreement;

10) Finally, if we can’t come to an agreement, please don’t get disappointed, after all it takes two to tango. More importantly we can still be friends and hopefully we can come to an arrangement at a later date.

Please feel free to contact me for a chat if you have any notes to offer me.


Anonymous said...

Kindly send your email id rather i suggest to mention your Email IDs on your blog / site
Ajay From INDIA
Email : gamuka@sify.com

IndoHound said...


Great website. Different in presentation to many other banknote blogs.

Just noticed that you are missing Millenium notes from Dominican Republic. I have one which I picked up over ten years ago on a trip there. I have had it graded by PMG and it came out as a 66 EPQ.

If interested please respond to indostocks@gmail.com

Would also like to know what other 'older' material you are looking for: paper money, coins etc